8 Factory Cleaner jobs in Birmingham

Birmingham is home to many factories. That means if you’re looking for factory cleaner jobs in Birmingham, you’re in luck. Factory cleaner employers in Birmingham range from jewellery manufacturers to car making companies. Some of the biggest local industries include the Jaguar and MG Rover car factories. The jewellery quarter is also a major source of industrial cleaning employment. This means that working as a factory cleaner in Birmingham gives you a multitude of options. 

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Working as a factory cleaner in Birmingham features many different duties. You will be cleaning industrial work environments to ensure they are safe and clean for others to use. You’ll be responsible for cleaning offices, shop floors and bathroom facilities. You’ll mop floors, vacuum carpets and empty waste baskets. If there is an onsite kitchen, you may be required to keep this clean too. You may also be required to ensure that machinery is clean and hygienic. You may also be required to notify employees about any safety hazards with warning signs. This includes warning about wet floors. 

Most Factory Cleaner employers in Birmingham have no specific qualifications requirements. You will simply need to have a strong work ethic and be capable of withstanding tough work conditions. You will be effective, efficient and organised. You will also be able to work with no supervision. You’ll need to be physically fit as the work is demanding and strenuous. Lifting, standing and climbing are all part of the job. 

Many Factory Cleaner employers in Birmingham would prefer candidates with previous experience in the sector. There are, however, many who will take on untrained members of staff. One of the most important skills for this job is time management. You will need to finish your work on time so the factory is ready for the start of the day. You’ll also need to be trustworthy since you’ll be working near sensitive materials alone. 

Factory cleaner jobs in Birmingham offer one excellent advantage. Since no formal qualifications are required, they’re ideal for those looking for entry level positions. The hours also fit well around the needs of working parents. Since most cleaning is done very early or very late in the day, you can be around for your children during the day. Many roles are also part time, so you can fit work in easily around your lifestyle. You can expect to earn around £9 per hour in Birmingham for this type of role. However, this will vary depending on the employer and nature of the work.  

Perhaps the biggest negative of factory cleaner jobs in Birmingham is the strenuous nature of the work. Any time of cleaning is hard work. This is especially the case in a factory environment. The hours are sometimes an inconvenience too. You’ll usually be expected to work very early in the morning or late at night. 

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