78 Primary Teacher jobs in Birmingham

Primary teacher jobs in Birmingham are a popular career choice. This rewarding vocation gives you a key role in many children’s educational development. You can also help pupils to nurture crucial social skills.

Working as a primary teacher in Birmingham allows you to carry out important work in a prominent area. This multicultural city is popular for its diversity, attracting the fourth-highest amount of foreign tourists in the UK. Around 4.3 million people currently live across the whole region, with around 1.1 million in the city itself. The central location makes Birmingham highly accessible, with well-placed transport links by road, rail and air. There are also exciting arts, leisure and restaurant scenes in the region.

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Working as a primary teacher in Birmingham involves teaching children from the ages of 3 to 11. Your duties will vary depending on the age you are responsible for, or the specific subject you may teach. Daily routines can also vary according to the school and class size.

Generally, primary teacher jobs in Birmingham require you to help develop the progress of every pupil in your class. You will need to create lesson plans in advance and organise necessary resources for learning. It is essential that you keep pupils motivated throughout classes, ensuring they understand what is being taught. Maintaining discipline within a safe environment is also key. Regular feedback will need to be given to pupils to help them advance.

Primary teacher jobs in Birmingham will usually require a university degree. Some employers may specify these need to be in English, maths or science. You will need a qualified teacher status (QTS) to teach in most schools. It is also mandatory to pass a security background check.

Primary teacher employers in Birmingham require staff to have strong written and spoken communication skills. You should be passionate about helping children to learn and have good organisational skills. Creativity, flexibility and patience are other important qualities for this role.

Primary teacher jobs in Birmingham allow you to work in a role you are passionate about. You would usually have the opportunity to remain in your position for years and greatly develop your experience and skills. Once you have progressed, you can look to assistant or head of department roles. You can then work towards becoming a head of year, school deputy and eventually headmaster if you wish. You could also move into teacher training or working for a local education authority.

Primary teacher employers in Birmingham generally pay from around £24,000 at entry level. This can increase up to around £35,000 as you progress. For senior-level positions, you can earn even more.

Primary teacher jobs in Birmingham have many advantages, not least the long summer break each year. No two days are ever the same and your working environment will be dynamic and lively. There is great job satisfaction in helping children to develop and seeing the positive effect that learning has on them. You can also enjoy good job stability as a teacher.

Working as a primary teacher in Birmingham does have some downsides. There will be an expectation to regularly work after-hours, potentially in the evenings and on weekends. This will certainly apply if you are helping with extracurricular school events. There can be negative days when dealing with bad behavior or upset children too.

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