Telesales Manager jobs in Birmingham

As the UK’s second largest city, there are a host of opportunities for telesales manager jobs in Birmingham across a number of different sectors. The city is home to lots of traditional and modern industries, and what is great about telesales manager jobs is that they are in demand in different sectors.

Working as a telesales manager in Birmingham involves managing a team of agents and meeting sales targets. As the largest centre outside London for industries like banking and insurance who rely heavily on telesales, Birmingham is an ideal place to look for telesales manager jobs. Companies such as HSBC and Allianz have large operations in Birmingham, providing many opportunities for telesales jobs in the city. Read on to find out more about telesales manager jobs in Birmingham.

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As well as a strong business and insurance presence, Birmingham also offers a lot of employment in the retail, tourism and services sectors. This means that working as a telesales manager in Birmingham can often involve different duties depending on the industry and type of call centre.

Telesales manager jobs in Birmingham will involve working in either an inbound or outbound call centre, and sometimes both. An outbound centre will be responsible for driving sales by contacting potential customers or offering new deals to existing customers. Inbound centres will receive calls from customers and deal with issues raised by customers. As a telesales manager, you will be responsible for overseeing the running of these centres.

Duties may vary between industries, but there are many which are common to all telesales manager jobs in Birmingham. These include:

  • Making sure staff are working withing specified guidelines
  • Assessing and giving feedback on staff performance
  • Reviewing daily telesales procedures and recommending changes
  • Dealing with administrative issues such as staff rotas, holidays and recruitment
  • Participating in staff performance reviews
  • Training new telesales staff

Some telesales manager employers in Birmingham will favour experience over formal qualifications. Many telesales managers have previously worked as agents in call centres and worked their way up. Employers will want you to have substantial call centre experience and possibly some sales experience.

Telesales manager jobs in Birmingham can come in many different sectors, so some employers may want you to have a university degree in a relevant subject. Industries such as banking, IT and the fast-growing tech sector in Birmingham may want telesales managers to have a third-level qualification related to their industry.

Employers will also look for certain qualities in a telesales manager in Birmingham. These can include:

  • Strong organisational skills
  • The ability to communicate with and motivate staff
  • Generating new ideas
  • Experience of meeting sales targets
  • Being able to multi-task and resolve problems

Telesales manager jobs in Birmingham can expose you to many different sectors, which can provide a huge number of opportunities for advancement. The tech sector has grown rapidly in the last few years and is second only to London, with more than 3,000 tech companies operating in Birmingham. With industries such as retail, banking, legal, insurance and services also strong in the city, working as a telesales manager in Birmingham can allow you to develop a number of transferable skills.

You can gain managerial experience and end up become a regional call centre manager. With many companies from a variety of industries requiring telesales services, it is an employment area which is constantly expanding in Birmingham. Telesales manager jobs in Birmingham usually pay between £20,000 and £25,000 to begin with. With experience, this will increase and there may also be bonuses for meeting targets. A more senior role could see you earn up to £60,000.

Birmingham has a population of more than one million in the city with over four million people living in the greater metropolitan area. As the UK’s second largest city, it provides many opportunities for employment across many different sectors. Telesales manager jobs can be found in lots of different industries, so Birmingham is a great place to look for them.

Working as a telesales manager in Birmingham can give you managerial experience and become a platform to progress your career, either in telesales or your chosen sector. The job can be demanding and there will be pressure to meet targets. Starting salaries are low, but the chances of promotion and earning bonuses can make it very rewarding. Birmingham itself has excellent transport links and has a relatively low cost of living. It has a vibrant social and leisure scene and the city has much for those interested in arts, culture and sports.

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