29 Warehouse Administrator jobs in Birmingham

Working as a warehouse administrator in Birmingham is a viable career option, with many thriving logistics businesses found here. There is a high number of profitable warehouses in this city of 4.3 million, as well as an excellent transport network.  

There are a range of key duties required of warehouse administrator jobs in Birmingham, which incorporate both office-based and warehouse-based tasks. You will enjoy being an integral part of a business, and likely be involved in many different aspects of it. There are many warehouse administrator jobs in the region, with employers in Birmingham including car manufacturers, confectionery makers and healthcare brands.

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Working as a warehouse administrator in Birmingham is fundamental to the smooth running of business operations. The specific nature of the role will depend on the industry and size of the business. However, there will be some duties that are common to all warehouse administrator jobs in Birmingham, including: 

  • Processing orders and ensuring timely delivery 
  • Organising warehouse worker shifts 
  • Handling customer queries by telephone / email 
  • Liaising with warehouse staff to ensure stock levels are good 
  • Processing paperwork such as invoices and purchase orders

Warehouse administrator jobs in Birmingham do not require any formal qualifications. However, it would help to have previously worked in an office-based role. This is because such skills are an important part of this job. You should be able to demonstrate good customer service, proficiency using computer systems and be comfortable handling customer documentation. 

Warehouse administrator employers in Birmingham will also look for the following skills: 

  • Good communication 
  • Friendly and professional attitude 
  • Strong administration skills 
  • Highly organised

There are many positive long-term career prospects from warehouse administrator jobs in Birmingham. With various areas of the business reliant on your input, you can soon become a valued employee. You should be able to demonstrate your worth on a daily basis, as this will help you work towards promotion to more senior roles. 

There are also personal rewards to warehouse administrator jobs which will help you develop many transferrable skills, and thereby opening up your career options. Depending on your interests and strengths, you could go on to become an office manager, warehouse supervisor or warehouse manager.

There are some pros to warehouse administrator jobs in Birmingham. Undertaking a role with such diverse responsibilities can open up many options regarding your career. Furthermore, daily tasks are likely to change, making the role more interesting. 

There are also a few cons to working as a warehouse administrator in Birmingham. Salaries tend to be at the lower end of the scale at the beginning and will likely only increase as you work your way up to a more senior level. Other negative issues may include having to multitask, having a heavy workload and working in sometimes noisy and busy environments.

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