2 7.5 Ton Driver jobs in Bradford

Working as a 7.5 ton driver in Bradford is a stable career for those who like being outside. The role provides a chance to see new places, meet new people and work alone. Based in West Yorkshire, the city of Bradford has a strong economy, ranking 8th in the UK and worth around £9 billion. The city is historically known for international textile manufacturing.

There are often numerous 7.5 ton driver jobs in Bradford in industries such as retail, logistics and construction. The city has a diverse population of around 350,000 people, with approximately 150 languages spoken in the region.

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7.5 ton driver employers in Bradford hire you to transport goods and deliver orders to customers. You will be loading and unloading packages to and from vehicles, driving long distances and potentially taking payments on delivery. You will likely meet an array of different people on a daily basis.

You will need to have knowledge of mechanics to perform checks and maintenance on your vehicle. 7.5 ton driver jobs in Bradford can also involve processing invoices and reports on your work’s contribution to company performance.

You will need a full UK driving licence for 7.5 ton vehicles, for 7.5 ton driver jobs in Bradford. A clean licence is usually preferable, although you may still be considered with a maximum of six penalty points.

Being in reasonable fitness, highly self-motivated and a good communicator will also make you more attractive to 7.5 ton driver employers in Bradford. If you are upbeat, a team player and passionate about meeting targets, then you fit the profile for this role.

There are various career options from 7.5 ton driver jobs in Bradford. Once you have experience, you will have much higher earning potential. More opportunities may appear within the company, such as moving into a warehouse. You will interact with many people at different levels and find out what they do. You will likely get to know a business from all sides, making it easier for you to explore more corporate roles should you wish.

You will be representing a brand, meeting customers and transporting products, all responsibilities which will enhance your C.V. You will likely enjoy job security in this line of work as drivers are always highly sought-after. Bradford also continues to see much development and investment. There are around 18,000 businesses providing approximately 200,000 jobs in the area.

7.5 ton driver jobs in Bradford come with various advantages. You will be able to work by yourself out on the open road, with flexibility in your working schedule. You may be able to work your hours within a smaller amount of days, such as a four rather than five-day week. Far from being lonely, you will still get the chance to meet lots of new people at each destination. You can also often supplement your income by working overtime.

There are some drawbacks to working as a 7.5 ton driver in Bradford. The work will likely involve heavy lifting, and the responsibility of controlling a large vehicle. There could be long hours spent driving, with the task of delivering orders to a strict timeline and potentially travelling abroad.

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