7 Cleaning Supervisor jobs in Bradford

The growth experienced by Bradford in the last decade has seen an increase in the amount of new offices and other facilities in and around the city. This means there are increased opportunities for cleaning supervisor jobs in Bradford. There are around 18,000 companies providing employment in Bradford across a range of sectors.

If you are in a cleaning job, or have had one in the past, then working as a cleaning supervisor in Bradford is a good way to take a step up. The city is home to companies in business and finance, retail and manufacturing, as well as many jobs in the public sector. Altogether this provides a lot of opportunities for cleaning jobs. If you want to find out more about cleaning supervisor jobs in Bradford, read our helpful guide.

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Bradford is home to many large companies, which either employ their own cleaning staff or enlist the services of an agency. Whether you are working directly for a company or a cleaning agency, working as a cleaning supervisor in Bradford often involves many of the same duties. These include managing a team of cleaners and allocating jobs for each of them. The job can also involve making sure your cleaners have the correct equipment and supplies. You will also have to monitor cleaning supplies stock.

Cleaning supervisor jobs in Bradford may also require you compile staff rotas and ensure there are enough people working for each shift. You may be asked to provide feedback to management about the performance of your team and handle client requests. Part of your job will also be to inspect work and make sure it is carried out to an acceptable standard.

Experience is often given more importance than qualifications when it comes to cleaning supervisor jobs in Bradford. Employers will want you to have previous cleaning experience and possibly even in a supervisory role. You may be expected to have knowledge of health & safety procedures and be familiar with cleaning practices and products. In some cases where a specialised form of cleaning is required, you may need to show experience in that area.

Some cleaning supervisor employers in Bradford may want you to have GCSEs, specifically in English and Maths as the job can involve some paperwork. You will need to be a good communicator and be organised. A cleaning supervisor will also need to be to motivate a team.

The amount of different and varied companies operating in Bradford can give you many opportunities to advance. For many, it may be their first experience in a supervisory role and this can help you develop managerial skills, which can be transferable to other positions. Working as a cleaning supervisor in Bradford will also give you additional experience in the industry and you may go on to establish a cleaning company yourself. The starting salary for a cleaning supervisor job in Bradford can be £17,000, rising to £20,00. Salaries can increase with additional experience and training.

Working in a supervisory role can help you gain experience in managing people and give you opportunities for progression. Given the number of companies now operating in the city and surrounding area, there is a greater need for cleaning services, so there are many openings.

The work itself can be demanding and you will need to always make sure that work is carried out to the proper standard as you will ultimately be responsible for your team. You will also have to work in a shift basis, which can see you work unsociable hours.

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