16 Compliance Administrator jobs in Bradford

Bradford is home to a growing number of companies, with 18,000 firms employing around 200,000 in the city and surrounding area. Businesses must follow regulations and with many companies operating in the area, this means many opportunities for compliance administrator jobs in Bradford.

Working as a compliance administrator in Bradford can involve a range of tasks, all geared towards making sure a company is following established regulations. Therefore, compliance administrator jobs can be found in many sectors in Bradford. While manufacturing is still a significant industry in the area, Bradford has also welcomed newer industries such as banking and finance, as well as a strong retail and services sector. To find out more about compliance administrator jobs in Bradford, read our useful guide.

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Companies from many different sectors have businesses in Bradford, so the role of a compliance administrator can vary. Industries such as retail, business and finance, manufacturing and an ever-expanding services sector all operate in Bradford. This means there is high demand for the services of a compliance administrator in Bradford and it is a profession in which there is a skills shortage.

No matter what the industry, however, there are some responsibilities which are common when working as a compliance administrator in Bradford. These include:

  • Making sure all staff are aware of industry regulations
  • Providing staff training on compliance issues
  • Identifying and evaluating risk within a company
  • Bringing any potential breaches to the attention of senior management
  • Working with external auditors when issues arise

Some compliance administrator employers in Bradford may wish you to have a university degree. This can be in business or economics, or in a subject related to a company’s particular industry. There is also the opportunity to gain experience in a lower position and work your way up without having to get a third-level qualification.

The International Compliance Association can also offer the chance to gain certification, which can prove useful. Employers may wish you to have some experience in business or in their specific industry so that you are familiar with work practices. Among the other qualities compliance administrator employers in Bradford are looking for include:

  • A good analytical mind
  • The ability to explain complex regulation in a way that is easy to understand
  • High ethical standards
  • The ability to work independently
  • Having an in-depth knowledge of current regulations
  • Keeping up-to-date with new legislation related to your industry

With a skills shortage in this line of work, compliance administrator jobs in Bradford offer many opportunities. With many different companies operating in the city, there is a lot of scope either within your current company or in the industry. Manufacturing and engineering continue to be strong, with around 13% of all jobs in Bradford in that sector. Recent investment in the services sector has seen an increase in employment there while retail and business are also strong in Bradford.

Working as a compliance administrator in Bradford will give you the chance to progress to a more senior role once you have enough experience. You can also move into other related areas such as cyber security or auditing. Many people who have worked as compliance administrators have gone on to start their own consultancy firm.

Salaries for working as a compliance administrator in Bradford are good. You may start off on around £18,000 a year, but that can rise to £35,000 with experience. If you progress to a more senior or management position, pay can be up to £75,000. There is a degree of pressure that comes with working as a compliance administrator. This is because breaches of regulations can involve large fines, meaning a loss of money for the company.

However, compliance administrator jobs offer many areas for advancement and because they are required in many different sectors, there are frequently many openings.

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