1 Fork Lift Truck Driver jobs in Bradford

One of the fastest growing industries within the United Kingdom is warehousing and distribution, with over 1,500 warehouses currently in operation. There are plenty of opportunities available within this sector as new distribution centres continue to open across the country. With excellent transport links to surrounding areas, fork lift truck driver jobs in Bradford can be the start of a rewarding career.

Bradford is a lively, multicultural city with a population of almost 550,000 people. Working as a fork lift truck driver in Bradford can be a fast-paced job, and ideal for those who enjoy working in a workplace that keeps them busy. Keep reading to learn more about fork lift truck driver jobs in Bradford, including information on salary expectations and career development.

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On a day-to-day basis, fork lift truck drivers can expect to play a crucial role in the distribution of good to and from a warehouse. Fork lift truck drivers are responsible for ensuring heavy goods are transported quickly and safely across various locations.

The warehousing and distribution industry is currently experiencing unprecedented demand thanks to the continued growth of online shopping. As a result, fork lift truck driver employers in Bradford are looking for self-motivated individuals who can work quickly and efficiently to meet customer demand. Home to warehouses of all sizes, fork lift truck driver jobs in Bradford can often vary in regards to duties. However, general duties are likely to include:

  • Unloading and loading deliveries to and from vehicles
  • Moving pallets of product across a warehouse and between storage locations
  • Tracking, stacking and palletising warehouse stock

There are no specific qualifications or experience required to begin working as a fork lift truck driver in Bradford. However, having a professional forklift truck driving licence will likely be required by fork lift truck driver employers in Bradford.

Fork lift truck driver jobs in Bradford are excellent for individuals looking to develop their skills and progress within the warehousing and distribution sector. Many workplaces will offer on the job training, including sponsoring individuals to get their professional fork lift truck driving qualification.

Desirable skills include:

  • Good spoken and written communications
  • Trustworthy and hard working
  • A team player with strong organisational skills
  • Positive attitude and physically fit

As one of the fastest growing business sectors in the country, working as a fork lift truck driver in Bradford offers good career opportunities. As you gain new skills and build your experience you may progress into roles such as team leader, supervisor, and manager within a warehouse. Further training and education can also lead to positions such as maintenance engineer and fork lift driving instructor.

As a fork lift truck driver you can expect to earn an annual salary of around £21,000. Working unsociable hour, including nights and weekends will likely increase your salary. You may also have many opportunities to work overtime.

Fork lift truck driver jobs in Bradford offer a number of advantages and disadvantages. In a warehouse, you can expect a lot of physical work in a fast-paced, noisy environment. Employees need to be in good health to ensure work is carried out safely and efficiently. Fork lift truck drivers can also expect to work a variety of shifts, including unsociable hours.

As a key member of a warehouses’ logistics team, you can use your experience as a fork lift truck driver to develop your communication, teamwork, and organisational skills. You can also make full use of the many personal and professional development opportunities available. The role is usually in high demand, meaning there are often a variety of fork lift truck driver jobs available in and around Bradford.

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