5 Order Picker jobs in Bradford

Bradford is an economy built on manufacturing, with the sector employing 23,000 people in the region.Businesses rely on large workforces at their warehouse facilities, especially order pickers who play an important part in supply chain and logistics. This means there is often a growing number of order picker jobs available, particularly in Bradford where manufacturing businesses are growing. Read on to learn more about what the job involves and what you can expect to be paid. 

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Working as an order picker means you are responsible for selecting products from shelves and preparing items for shipping. Generally, this work is carried out in warehouses, distribution centres and production facilities. Working aan order picker in Bradfordyour day-to-day tasks may include general warehouse duties, including: 

  • Selecting items to match customer’s online orders and choosing replacements for sold out items 
  • Using equipment like picking machines and hand-held scanners 
  • Checking products for quality and damage 
  • Packing items ready for dispatch 
  • Updating customer records on computer systems 

Nformal qualifications are required for order picker jobs. You can get into this role through an apprenticeship or applying directly if you have some relevant experienceSome order picker employers may ask for GCSE’s in maths and English. Training is often provided by employers in health & safety and manual handling. There may also be opportunities to access free training and skills development programs. To succeed as an order picker, you will need to be well organised with solid time management skillsEmployers may also look for the following skills: 

  • Being a good team player, with an energetic and dependable nature 
  • Using initiative and remaining calm in stressful situations 
  • Ability to carry out basic tasks on a computer or hand-held device 

Whether you are a junior order picker for a small supplier or in a large warehouse for a multinational corporation, order picker jobs can offer good career prospects for those willing to work hard and be flexible in their duties. With experience, order pickers in Bradford can go on to become shift supervisors or move into warehouse management. 

Order picker job salaries vary based on your experience and the type of employerThe average full-time salary for order picker jobs in Bradford is around £19,000 per annum.  However, this increases for managers and more technical roles. Additional pay rates or incentives for night shifts and overtime work may also be available. 

There are a variety of pros and cons to working as aorder picker in Bradford. Firstly, the role can involve being in a fast-paced environment that may be physically demanding. You may also need a good level of physical fitness as the role may involve heavy lifting. 

One of the benefits of working as an order picker in Bradford is that the city is working to reposition itself in the global economy. In addition, online buying and e-commerce continues to increase, with small and large warehouses always seeking order pickers to operate efficiently. More job opportunities will become open as the demand and time it takes to ship products to customers increases. 


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