26 Project Manager jobs in Bradford

Project manager jobs in Bradford can see you working in one of a number of different industries. The city and surrounding area has a strong manufacturing tradition and large retail presence. However, the emergence of a business and finance sector and further investment in the services sector provide many opportunities.

Working as a project manager in Bradford can allow you an insight into the inner workings of different industries. You will have to bring lots of different skills and abilities to the job. You will be expected to plan and implement projects and deliver results for a company. It can be rewarding work and provide many opportunities for career progression. Read on to find out more about project manager jobs in Bradford.

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There are many different types of companies operating in Bradford. The city is the UK headquarters for Morrison’s and Yorkshire Building Society, showing that retail and finance have a strong presence here. However, with manufacturing, hospitality and services also as big employers, working as a project manager in Bradford can bring you into a number of sectors.

There are many duties which are common across different industries for project managers. These include:

  • Conceiving and implementing projects which will boost revenue
  • Completing projects within a budget and stated timeframe
  • Managing a team and assigning tasks to individuals
  • Overseeing the day-to-day work on a project
  • Keeping management informed of project progress and completion
  • Establishing contacts with third parties and suppliers

A university degree in business or project management can be useful when working as a project manager in Bradford. Some employers may want you to have some sort of qualification or experience related to their specific industry.

A third-level qualification is not essential, however, and many project manager employers in Bradford will place more importance on experience. This can either be in a previous project management role or another position within a specific sector. No matter what kind of business you are working in, employers will look for qualities such as:

  • Excellent organisational skills
  • The ability to multi-task and be versatile
  • Having good communication skills
  • Being able to manage and motivate a team
  • Having effective negotiating skills
  • Being able to work to deadlines
  • Being calm under pressure

The growing number of diverse businesses operating in Bradford means there are lot of opportunities for project managers. You can advance to a more senior management role within a company or transfer your array of skills to a different sector. You also have the option of setting up as freelance project manager where you may be able to earn up to £500 a day.

The typical starting salary for project manager jobs in Bradford is around £20,000 year, which can rise to about £30,000. Depending on the industry you work in and the level of experience you gain, you can earn up to £80,000 in a senior role.

If you are the sort of person who thrives under the pressure of delivering results, then you will enjoy working as a project manager in Bradford. The job can be demanding, however, and you may have to work long hours to complete projects. However, it is also a job which allows you to showcase a wide range of skills and gain experience in a number of different sectors.

Bradford is fast-growing city and the eighth biggest economy in the UK, proving lots of opportunities. It has recently seen significant investment in the leisure and services sector. There is also strong retail presence in the city and a vibrant nightlife and cultural scene.

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