Telesales Manager jobs in Bradford

Telesales manager jobs in Bradford are an ideal choice of career for those looking to expand on their telephone experience and lead a team of their own in an effort to boost profits for a company. This role exists in various sectors. Telesales manager employers in Bradford may be found in IT, insurance or finance to name but a few. The role will involve you conducting outbound sales calls as a department in order to sell products. As a manager, you will be responsible for making sure colleagues hit targets whilst complying with GDPR regulations.

Working as a telesales manager in Bradford will give you the opportunity to work in one of the largest cities in the north of England. With a population on over half a million, Bradford is one of the UK’s fastest growing economies with a GDP of over £14 billion. Due to Bradford’s increased growth in its student population, as well as its diverse demographic, the need for new sales managers in the city has been higher than ever.

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Telesales manager jobs in Bradford are constantly evolving. Working as a telesales manager in Bradford, you may be expected to work many of the duties that those in your supervision do on a daily basis, making outbound calls, generating leads and converting them. However, you will also have the added responsibility of running training sessions, organising one to ones and delegating tasks such as admin. You may also have to deal with issues such as holiday, sick leave and bereavement. You should look to innovate in your sales process and make sure you can cope with the following:

  • Give constructive feedback to colleagues
  • Ensure all new business is compliant
  • Look for ways to improve department weaknesses
  • Handle complaints

Telesales manager employers in Bradford will not require you to have any formal qualifications. Naturally if you have strong grades this will stand out, however it is not essential. If you have a degree in business management or marketing you may also be treated with a preference. However, when applying for telesales manager jobs, hirers in Bradford will first look for experience on your CV. If you have a prior understanding of team management this will help your application. You will also be free to apply for the role if you have been with the company for a long period of time and have good results from your work as a telesales agent. You will also be expected to possess the following traits:

  • Strong management skills
  • Good communications
  • Motivational towards colleagues
  • Ability to prioritise your workload

Working as a telesales manager in Bradford opens a variety of opportunities for you to expand your career. You will be able to translate the skills you acquire into almost any management roles as many sales practices do not change from one company to another. This puts you in a strong position when applying for senior roles in the future. You will be given the freedom to shape the way in which a company brings on new business. This is a key aspect of the role as you will find it easier to network and build a portfolio of contacts, which could open up new opportunities, not only for you but those that you work with.

The average earnings of telesales manager jobs in Bradford are roughly £22,000-£24,000 a year. However, it is not uncommon for companies to offer a generous commission structure and many hirers will offer bonuses which could see you earn as much as £50,000.

Telesales manager jobs in Bradford are a good place to start a career in management. Working as a telesales manager in Bradford you will be able to see the fruits of your labour unfold as your company goes from strength to strength. This can be extremely rewarding.

However, telesales manager employers in Bradford do have negatives. The role is relentless in that once you hit one target you will be expected to work towards another. You will also have to contact a large number of people on a daily basis, which can be mentally draining on your team. Some managers will take their work home with them to ensure targets are met and meetings are planned, which can eat into your evenings and weekends.

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