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The city of Cardiff is currently experiencing an economic boom, making it an attractive destination for jobseekers. With almost over 365,000 residents and 30,000 businesses calling the Welsh capital home, there are often many opportunities available. Admin officer jobs in Cardiff play a crucial role in keeping the city operating smoothly. Taking responsibility for day-to-day filing and administrative duties for a business, admin officers play a crucial role in the workplace.

To learn more about admin officer jobs in Cardiff, including salary and progression insights, keep reading.

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Working as an admin officer in Cardiff involves a multitude of tasks that vary from day to day. Your duties may differ between businesses and the size of their office support team. At some businesses, you may take responsibility for all areas of administration, including accounting. At others you may be part of a larger team, being tasked with a specific area of administration for a business.

Typically, you can expect admin officer jobs in Cardiff to involve:

  • Signing visitors in and out of a business
  • Answering correspondence for a business by telephone, email, and mail
  • Overseeing filing systems and document management for a business
  • Handling and processing any purchase requests for a business.

Office admin employers in Cardiff do not require candidates to have any specific qualifications, though previous experience is beneficial. However, many employers offer on-the-job training for those with no prior experience.

To be successful when working as an admin officer in Cardiff, you will need to demonstrate the following skills and attributes:

  • Ability to work as part of a wider team
  • Willingness to learn and try new things when needed
  • Great communication skills
  • Excellent time management and organisational skills

Office admin employers in Cardiff offer excellent career progression opportunities to staff. With the city acting as the economic powerhouse of Wales, and one of the largest cities in the UK, Cardiff businesses are rapidly growing. Most admin officer employers are happy to support additional training if it is directly beneficial to your performance in a role.

Beyond admin officer, you may progress into senior roles such as office manager or admin manager. Similarly, you may build upon your skills to move into a specific specialisation such as payroll, HR, or purchasing. The average salary for admin officer jobs in Cardiff is around £20,000, rising to £25,000 with experience.

Working as an admin officer in Cardiff is not without its pros and cons. The role can be heavily pressurised, with admin officer employers in Cardiff expecting you to manage multiple specialisations singlehandedly. You will often have multiple tasks to manage at any given moment with strict deadlines for their completion. For the heavy workload, the salary of an admin officer is also relatively low.

Positively, admin officer jobs in Cardiff offer excellent progression opportunities. The role gives you the chance to learn and gain experience in many new areas of office management. Typically, admin officer roles have attractive working hours with no weekend work or shift work expected. The city of Cardiff is a vibrant multicultural one with lots of history and attractions on your doorstep. Its location offers easy access to cities such as Bristol, Newport, and Swansea by both road and rail.

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