Factory Cleaner jobs in Cardiff

Industrial factory cleaner jobs make up around 30% of the cleaning service market in the UK. Some of the biggest factory cleaner employers in Cardiff include food production, retail, manufacturing, wholesale trade and health. Companies such as Royal Mail, 2 Sisters Food Group and FEI Foods employ many factory cleaners in and around Cardiff. 

Cardiff has a population of around 350,000, with many of the UK’s largest companies present in the region. Nearly 80% of all jobs in the city are with private companies, the highest percentage of all UK cities. The average pay for a factory cleaner in the UK is around £9  £11 per hour, which is below the national average.  

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Factory cleaners are responsible for cleaning non-domestic properties, such as warehousesensuring that work environments are safe for employees ithe building. Factory cleaner employers in Cardiff will expect you to perform the following duties: 

  • Work across the factory to make sure areas are kept clean and hygiene friendly 
  • Operate, clean and maintain factory equipment 
  • Regularly remove all factory waste, including packaging from production areas 
  • Complete any required paperwork 
  • Report incidents, etc., to management 

Factory cleaner employers in Cardiff will usually look for candidates that are reliable, responsible and trustworthy. Some may also require you to have previous work experience as a cleaner in a similar industrial environmentFurthermore, factory cleaner job employers in sectors such as food or pharmacy production may need previous experience in these areas. 

A good understanding of hygiene policies and knowledge of cleaning processes and chemicals is desirableIn this role you will be expected to maintain uptodate knowledge of appropriate health & safety legislation. You will also need good communication skills in order to understand technical cleaning requirements as well as report issues should they arise.  

Factory cleaner jobs are well-suited to people who like practical, hands-on experienceWorking hours are typically full-time and may include varied shift patterns. However, there will also be part time, contract and flexible factory cleaner jobs available in Cardiff. You may be required to travel to various locations in and around Cardiff, suiting those who like to travel. 

Working as a factory cleaner in Cardiff can be physically demanding and involves a lot of walking, bending, stretching and lifting during your shift. You must also be prepared to work in a 24:7 factory environment which can be noisy, busy places to work, with up to hundreds of factory operatives and others. Working in the environment requires discipline, productivity, organisation and teamwork. Industrial cleaning can be dirty work, so the task of keeping facilities in top condition can be challengingespecially the risks of cleaning around heavy machinery, lubricants, paint and other materials.  

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