Ward Host jobs in Cardiff

If you are passionate about helping others and being part of a dedicated team, then working as a ward host in Cardiff can be very rewarding. Staff in this area will often work in a hospital or community setting, with ward host employers in Cardiff amongst the biggest employers in the country. Potential candidates looking for ward host jobs in Cardiff can work in the National Health Service, in private healthcare or non-profit organisations across a range of environments.

Ward host salaries in Cardiff are in the region of £17,000-£19,000, with an average hourly rate of around £8 to £11 per hour depending on your experience. Cardiff’s high percentage of young workers has produced a vibrant working culture, with ward host employers in Cardiff looking for candidates with the same positive attitude to work.

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Ward host jobs in Cardiff will include the delivery and collection of food and drinks, as well as ensuring that all equipment is ready and clean for use. You will also need to hand out and collect menus to patients on the ward, as well as liaising with the catering department to ensure that all orders are correct and in line with any special dietary requirements. Other duties when working as a ward host in Cardiff may include serving food and drink in other areas, reporting issues to senior management and completing administrative tasks.

A level 2 food & safety certificate is usually considered important by ward host employers in Cardiff.

Training to improve your skills will also be given on the job, particularly to stay up to speed with the latest practices in your organisation. You may also acquire experience through voluntary work or apprenticeships. There are no academic qualifications or set entry requirements needed to begin working as a ward host in Cardiff, but some key skills are certainly considered.

Excellent written and verbal communication is important, along with a solid understanding of Health & Safety practices. A desire to go to the extra mile is another big plus point for ward host employers in Cardiff.

Getting a ward host job in Cardiff should be simple enough if you have the necessary skills and key personality traits, while it is also very rewarding as a profession. There are also lots of progression opportunities, both internally and externally. Working as a ward host in Cardiff may lead to the chance to work in bigger wards in bigger medical organisations. In addition, it could also lead to opportunities in other industries such as catering if you excel in your role. Other benefits may include enhanced pay at weekends and evenings, along with pension schemes and shift flexibility.

One of the down sides of ward host jobs in Cardiff is the level of work-related stress involved when dealing with patients, some of whom may be seriously ill. The long hours can also be a challenge when managing your family and social life, particularly as ward host employers in Cardiff are not likely to pay salaries as high as other industries.

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