52 Data Analytics jobs in Coventry

Working in data analytics in Coventry is ideal for candidates who can provide key insight from a range of data. You may have the chance to work alongside other teams such as marketing, customer service and sales. A key part of data analytics jobs in Coventry is the ability to streamline complex information for others. Some of the biggest data analytics companies in Coventry can be found in the automotive sector. This includes Jaguar Land Rover, BMW and Peugeot.

Coventry has a population of approximately 370,000 people and is ranked as one of the top ten fastest-growing UK cities. Economic growth in the area is higher than the national average, and Coventry boasts a range of different employment sectors. With a steady rise in the number of jobs in the area, more and more analysts are building their careers in Coventry.

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Data analytics employers in Coventry provide a range of working environments, all with different requirements. In-house positions, agency roles and remote working are all possible in this field. Part of your role will be to use different software tools, with the aim of providing as much insight as possible. For example, you could use Tableau to create dashboards or Emarsys to monitor and evaluate the success of marketing campaigns.

It is essential to build a solid understanding of an organisation from a business intelligence point of view. You could be expected to present ideas during company meetings, along with giving advice to senior employees. The following duties are also part of data analytics jobs in Coventry:

  • Providing detailed campaign reports
  • Identifying new revenue opportunities
  • Providing help for other teams
  • Using insight to form annual reports

A university degree is usually required when applying for data analytics in Coventry. The degree may be in a range of different subjects including statistics, maths or IT. Any post-graduate qualifications involving data analytics can also improve your chances of securing a role.

There are a lot of specialist courses that you can take throughout your career. Advanced training with google analytics or using software such as SaaS are useful skills to possess. It is also useful to have some previous experience to begin working in data analytics in Coventry. If you can prove how you have developed professionally over the course of your career, you should have every chance of securing employment.

Data analytics jobs in Coventry give you plenty of opportunities to progress your career. There are a lot of organisations looking to develop their insight teams to increase company efficiency. The progression path when working in data analytics in Coventry can be quite varied. You might have chances to move to a senior analyst role, or other areas of a commercial team.

Data analytics employers in Coventry tend to offer greater long-term earning potential compared to other industries. The industry is relatively new in terms of what expert insight can bring to an organisation. Therefore, there should continue to be an increase in suitable positions. Your starting salary is likely to be around £30,000 – £35,000 a year. Achieving promotions and gaining more experience could see your wage rise to upwards of £50,000 a year.

Data analytics jobs in Coventry come with a lot of positives. Some data analytics employers in Coventry could offer financial rewards if you are able to meet your targets. The role tends to be a senior one and you should be given plenty of freedom to implement your ideas and strategies. It is unlikely that many people will possess your skillset within an organisation. Therefore, future employment opportunities should be available across multiple sectors.

Working in data analytics in Coventry can result in some long hours and strict deadlines. Some companies may require regular information from your department, and they may expect a fast turnaround. Therefore, a key part of your job might be to educate some departments with what is required to produce valuable insight. Accuracy is also a major part of this role, as your insight is likely to form future campaign or business tactics.

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