5 Electrical Maintenance Engineer jobs in Coventry

There is never a shortage of electrical maintenance engineer jobs in Coventry as the local economy continues to grow and the role increases in demand. Using their skills to keep companies running, electrical maintenance engineers are often seen as the backbone of many  operations.

If you are searching for a vocation to keep you busy throughout the day with multiple opportunities to progress, then this might be the ideal career for you. Keep reading to learn more about working as an electrical maintenance engineer in Coventry, including what salaries and career prospects you can expect.

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The day-to-day duties for an electrical maintenance engineer involve responding to request logs and ensuring electrical systems are working safely and successfully. Working as an electrical maintenance engineer in Coventry is crucial to the ongoing success of many businesses, as you will play a direct role in making sure they remain safe and operational. As everyone relies on electricity to keep them working, you may operate anywhere from a utility company to being on site for a large corporation.

Electrical maintenance engineer employers in Coventry range from national institutions like the NHS and various utility companies to small businesses such as car garages and food manufacturers. Even though your duties may differ between employers, most electrical maintenance engineer jobs in Coventry do tend to have overlapping responsibilities and needs. As an electrical maintenance engineer, you can expect to perform the following duties:

·        Carrying out maintenance

·        Diagnosing and fixing electrical faults

·        Repairing electrical equipment and ordering replacement pieces

·        Maintaining logs of faults and fixes

The most common point of entry into becoming an electrical maintenance engineer is to take an apprenticeship. As an apprentice, you will learn first-hand from an electrical maintenance engineer to support your learning and training. However, this is not the only route to becoming an electrical maintenance engineer. Some electrical maintenance engineers hold a post-secondary qualification (such as BTEC or NVQ) in electrical engineering or a City & Guilds certificate in engineering.

There are also people who enter the profession by acquiring a Bachelor of Engineering qualification in areas such as electrical engineering or mechanical practice. Because of the various routes on offer, there are many options for those who wish to pursue electrical maintenance engineer jobs in Coventry. Alongside your qualifications, electrical maintenance engineer employers in Coventry will require you to have previous hands-on experience as an electrical engineer. You will also be expected to have the following skills and personality traits:

·        Strong communication skills

·        Excellent fault-finding skills and a strong attention to detail

·        The ability to make decisions quickly and efficiently

·        Keeping calm under pressure while balancing a demanding workload

There are plenty of development opportunities for electrical maintenance engineers in Coventry for those dedicated to furthering their career. Once in employment, you can undertake additional study and training to gain incorporated (IEng) or chartered (CEng) engineer status from the Engineering Council. With these additional statuses you will be eligible for higher skilled and higher earning jobs in the electrical engineering field should you choose to pursue them.

As an engineer, new doors will open for you such as becoming a senior engineer or maintenance team manager within your company. You may also wish to embark on a career in electrical maintenance consultancy using your skills and experience to help businesses improve their electrical operations. A financially rewarding career, the average salary for electrical maintenance engineer jobs in Coventry is around £35,000.

As electricity is being used 24-hours a day, most electrical maintenance engineer jobs in Coventry will require you to be ‘on call’ often, ready to be called to fix an issue at any time of the day. This may include Bank Holidays, weekends and Christmas. The work is very manual and can involve being in proximity to dangerous electrical equipment. The area of Coventry itself is nice to live in with a mixed level of cultures and lots to do in the local area. You are also a short drive away from other major cities such as Birmingham, Leicester and Wolverhampton.

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