Pharmacy Healthcare Assistant jobs in Coventry

If you want to start your career in healthcare, a pharmacy healthcare assistant position is the best place to start. As evidence of this, there are numerous vacancies for pharmacy healthcare assistant jobs in Coventry. Many pharmacy healthcare assistant employers are big pharmacies that dispense prescription drugs to patients. Working as a pharmacy assistant in Coventry means that you will earn up to £10 per hour.

Pharmacy healthcare assistant employers assign numerous tasks to employees in this position to ensure that those seeking over the counter prescription drugs are served quickly and efficiently. Working as a pharmacy healthcare assistant, you are expected to understand doctor’s prescriptions as presented to you by your customers. You will then pack the drugs as required and advice your customers on how to use them.

There are no formal qualification requirements for assistant in this position. However, as you advance, there are a number of industry qualifications that may be required. Many pharmacy healthcare assistant employers in Coventry will require you to have good interpersonal skills. This allows you to relate well with your customers and other stakeholders. Working as a pharmacy healthcare assistant, you also need high attention to detail, accuracy and an understanding of laws that relate to the industry you are working in.

One of the biggest advantages of working as a pharmacy healthcare assistant in Coventry is that you have joined one of the most important industries, healthcare. In this position, you can also become an apprentice in the healthcare industry for a pharmacist position. You will also learn important transferable skills, such as how to deal with medical drugs. Pharmacy healthcare assistant jobs in Coventry also allow you to get opportunities to learn and gain certification necessary to become a better pharmacist assistant.

One of the main disadvantages of working in this position is that you may have to work long, unsociable. Furthermore, a growing number of pharmacies are open 24 hours a day. Secondly, working as a pharmacy healthcare assistant in Coventry also means that may be required to stand for long periods of the day.

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