10 Store Manager jobs in Coventry

If you can successfully manage the operations of a retail company, then store manager jobs in Coventry could be suitable for you. With over 290,000 retail outlets throughout the UK, positions can be found with high street chains, supermarkets and department stores. Your role is likely to revolve around maximising sales and ensuring efficiency across multiple departments.

The area is ranked in the top ten UK cities for growth, and as a result there are a number of retail store manager opportunities in Coventry. The city is growing in stature in the Midlands, with more people looking to build their careers there. Coventry also has excellent access to other major cities, such as Birmingham, Nottingham and London. With brands such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda in the area, you should not be short of options.

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There are a variety of different duties involved as part of store manager jobs in Coventry. Organisation will almost certainly be an essential requirement of your store manager job description. This is because the role will likely be fast paced, and your workload could be very heavy at times. Your position may involve a regular mix of general store tasks and managerial duties.

Meeting sales targets and motivating members of staff is important to ensure the smooth running of a store. Furthermore, you may be expected to oversee the management of all stock, both in-store and online. Other requirements of the role may include:

  • Creating promotional activities
  • Recruiting new members of the team
  • Implementing health and safety procedures
  • Liaising with suppliers

The application criteria can vary for store manager jobs in Coventry, depending on the size of your working environment. Some employers are able to provide graduate schemes, although a degree is not always an essential requirement. If you do possess a degree, then subjects such as business studies, accounting or sales can aid your cause.

It is also possible to secure positions by working your way up within a company. Once you have done this and proven yourself, you may find that your chances of securing senior positions will increase. In order to succeed and manage your store manager responsibilities, it is important to possess a strong commercial understanding. Furthermore, influencing others is a key part of the position, and you can do this with professionalism and authority.

Career progression opportunities can be fantastic in this industry. Whilst this role is a senior one, this is not the end of the progression path. Excelling within store manager jobs in Coventry can lead you into a head of sales role, or even a position within head office. To achieve this, you will need to show how your organisational skills can help a company to profit.

When it comes to a store manager salary, UK employees tend to earn an annual wage in the region of £25,000 – £40,000. The higher end of that salary range tends to be reserved for people who have the chance to work in reputable supermarkets or department stores. If you have the luxury of being part of a staff bonus scheme, then this can also increase your earnings.

With a large amount of retail stores and supermarkets in the area, you should find that there are regular job opportunities. Retail continues to be a very profitable industry, and this means that there is some stability in this role. The nature of this management should also mean that you have the freedom to make key strategic decisions.

If you are looking at this industry and already searching for ‘store manager jobs near me’, you should be aware of one or two negatives. The role can be demanding and tiring, plus you will be expected to handle some complaints from disgruntled customers. You might also have to work some long hours, especially at weekends and during national holidays.

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