10 Account Handler jobs in Edinburgh

Account handler jobs in Edinburgh give you the opportunity to work in an exciting industry in Scotland’s capital. Similar to the role of a salesperson, this position requires you to specialise in developing relationships in a growing industry. Account handler employers in Edinburgh include Standard Life. There is a strong economy in Edinburgh, ranking the best of any UK city outside of London.

Working as an account handler in Edinburgh places you in a job market which continues to grow year on year. The city has a population of approximately 500,000, with residents and tourists attracted to the architecture, culture and history. There are plenty of museums, restaurants and theatres to visit, while the surrounding picturesque countryside is easy to reach.

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Working as an account handler in Edinburgh places you in the thriving insurance sector. You will be working on increasing policy sales, finding new contacts and nurturing existing customer relationships. It will be necessary to regularly communicate accurate and knowledgeable information about a business and its products. Daily interactions with clients could take place over telephone, email or in person. Being up to date with the latest sales figures and creating ways to improve them is crucial to role performance. Account handler jobs in Edinburgh will need you to work closely with other teams, including brokers, underwriters and financial advisers.

It probably will not be necessary to have formal qualifications for account handler jobs in Edinburgh. You will normally receive training within the role, with the opportunity to acquire relevant awards including a CII certificate in insurance. A common route into this position includes progressing from a junior account handler or insurance technician role.

Account handler employers in Edinburgh look for strong communication skills, excellent sales technique and a hard-working attitude. It is important that you are confident, organised and comfortable with needing to be persistent.

There are a variety of opportunities to grow your skills working in account handler jobs in Edinburgh. Insurance companies commonly provide training on the job, with the chance to progress towards more senior roles. These include senior account managers and sales managers, which allow you to significantly increase earnings.

You can earn between approximately £17,000 to £22,000 working as an account handler in Edinburgh. Once you progress, your salary could increase to £35,000 and over. Senior roles can command over £40,000 and beyond depending on the company.

Account handler jobs in Edinburgh give you regular opportunities for training and growing your skills and experience. If you work hard, you can demonstrate your potential with a strong sales record which can help to advance your career. The skills gained from this role can be transferred to a range of other jobs and industries. Pay is also attractive, with regular opportunities to work towards higher earnings. The insurance sector is also highly stable in the UK, so you have good job security.

Account handler jobs can be highly pressured. The targets you are set could be challenging, involving a lot of hard work and determination. There will usually be repeated rejection in this role, so you need to be able to handle this well.

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