1 Admin Officer jobs in Edinburgh

There are many admin officer jobs in Edinburgh, with a range of sectors to find work in. The role is stable and provides many opportunities to grow your career. Admin officer employers in Edinburgh are likely to be in industries such as business services, education, construction, finance and tourism. Home to Europe’s fourth-largest finance sector, prominent Edinburgh companies include Tesco Bank, the Royal Bank of Scotland and Virgin Money.

Edinburgh has the strongest economy of any UK city outside London, with consistent growth creating plenty of work opportunities. The population of around 500,000 makes Scotland’s capital a popular place to live in. It attracts both residents and tourists for its incredible culture, incorporating theatre, museums and festivals. Edinburgh’s stunning architecture is a huge draw for visitors, not least the iconic castle which overlooks the city. It also has a vibrant nightlife and restaurant scene, along with beautiful parks and nearby countryside.

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Admin officer jobs in Edinburgh usually involve a wide range of responsibilities. These will primarily be helping offices to function by providing clerical support, potentially to various employees. This could include creating or improving office procedures and helping to introduce new systems.

Working as an admin officer in Edinburgh commonly involves typing and maintaining documents and arranging meetings. You could also be supporting with payroll, annual leave and organising travel for different members of staff. You will likely need to deal with company issues over email, telephone or face-to-face with clients, customers or suppliers.

You will not always be required to have formal qualifications for most admin officer jobs in Edinburgh. You might have an advantage if you have experience which demonstrates relevant skills or business knowledge. Employers will usually provide training within the role, so they will appreciate a willingness to learn and adaptability. If you are comfortable with computers and basic software, this will further help you to secure a role. You should also be a good communicator, be highly organised and enthusiastic about helping others.

There are good prospects from admin officer jobs in Edinburgh as you can pick up a wide range of transferrable skills. Many people build a strong career from this role thanks to the many training opportunities available and varied nature of the job. Working as an admin officer in Edinburgh could help you to gain skills in IT, customer service, public relations and more. It is possible to move into departments including HR and marketing using the experience you can pick up. Salaries commonly start low, somewhere around £16,000-21,000. However, you could progress into senior administrative roles and earn up to around £30,000.

The pros of admin officer jobs in Edinburgh include the fact that there are many opportunities. There are always a range of companies hiring for this role, so you can transfer your skills into various sectors. You can enter this job without much prior experience, developing yourself to build a strong and versatile career.

The cons of working as an admin officer in Edinburgh can include low salaries, unchallenging tasks and little recognition. Admin officer employers in Edinburgh will expect you to help with daily issues, a lot of which may be negative.

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