254 Care Assistant jobs in Edinburgh

You may be interested in finding ways to begin a nursing career without the need for a degree? Or maybe you just want a healthcare career that’s rewarding and valuable. Care assistant jobs in Edinburgh are a great choice. Working as a care assistant in Edinburgh offers a number of benefits and you’ll find many available roles. Care assistant employers in Edinburgh can be found in several areas, from community care settings to hospitals, you’ll find an opportunity to suit you.

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Working as a care assistant in Edinburgh involves many different responsibilities and daily duties. You’ll either be working in a community setting like a doctor’s practice, or in a hospital. You’ll be guided in your role by a nurse or other healthcare professional.

Care assistant employers in Edinburgh all ask their staff to undertake different duties. In a hospital setting, you’ll need to help with many different tasks relating to patient care. This will include washing patients, dressing and toileting them. You’ll also be responsible for tasks such as making beds and providing medication and meals. Part of your role will be talking to patients. You’ll need to monitor their health and make them feel as comfort as you can.

Meanwhile, in a GP’s surgery or health centre, you’ll have different tasks to do. You may be sterilising equipment, processing lab samples, or carrying out health checks. You may also be required to deliver health education .

Care Assistant employers in Edinburgh usually have no specific requirements with regard to qualifications. Working as a care assistant in Edinburgh is something that you can do with just GCSEs. Some employers do require other healthcare qualifications such as NVQs or BTECs. You’ll also usually be required to have had some experience of care work and healthcare practice. This may either be voluntary or paid.

When it comes to personal characteristics, you must be caring, kind, cheerful, and friendly. Being cheerful and hands-on with your patients is also vital. You must be happy to carry out tasks relating to personal care. You’ll also need to be a team player with good communication skills.

Care Assistant jobs in Edinburgh offer many advantages. You’ll receive a salary of about £9 an hour. You may also expect to have an enjoyable, interesting and varied job. You’ll be meeting many different people in a variety of different settings.

Care Assistant employers in Edinburgh also offers many exciting opportunities for career progression. You will be able to benefit from training and development opportunities that help you to move up the career ladder.

Potentially, the biggest negative in working as a care assistant in Edinburgh is the working hours. You’ll usually be working to shift patterns which change from week to week. You’ll need to work in the evening and at weekends. This may disrupt your social life or family schedule. You’ll also be handling physically unpleasant chores. You will need to clean and toilet patients, and must be able to cope with that.

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