77 Cleaner jobs in Edinburgh

Scotland’s historic capital city Edinburgh, with a population of around 525,000, has a lot to offer in terms of employment opportunities. The biggest employer in Edinburgh is NHS Lothian, with approximately 20,000 employees. Other large employers include the City of Edinburgh Council, The University of Edinburgh and The Royal Bank of Scotland. With over 50,000 people working as cleaners in Scotland, there are always plenty of openings for cleaner jobs in Edinburgh.

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Cleaner jobs in Edinburgh involve a range of domestic tasks, with core responsibilities being maintainingCarrying out duties effectively and efficiently is key to ensuring that the area of work and all of its relevant contents are cleaned properly within a specified, or reasonable, amount of time. Taking pride in your work is important, as is maintaining a smart appearance and having good communication skills. This is because  cleaner employers in Edinburgh could be present while you are working and may wish to interact, or at least meet you on arrival to each job. 

There are not any qualifications required for cleaner jobs in Edinburgh, but there are various qualities and skills which help candidates perform the role well. Being able to manage your time is key, as is punctuality, being reliable and possessing good fitness to perform physical work. It also helps to be knowledgeable of health and safety procedures, as well as having good reading skills in order to quickly follow instructions or guidelines where needed. You will not likely have to worry about being unemployed if working as a cleaner in Edinburgh as there is never a shortage of demand. The high population and thriving economy of Glasgow means there are endless private and commercial establishments requiring regular maintenance. Cleaner employers in Edinburgh may need you to pass a background check before starting work. 

Working as a cleaner in Edinburgh does have some advantages. If you work across various locations, the change of scenery could mean that you will not get bored of seeing the same workplace every day. You can also work independently and get on with tasks without anyone needing to watch over you. At the same time, there is the possibility of working in a team on larger-scale jobs. You may get to meet a range of other people who work onsite or live on the premises, and your work will be mainly based indoors. Furthermore, you can fit work around your life, with most cleaner jobs in Edinburgh offering flexible schedules and working hours.  

Working as a cleaner in Edinburgh involves being constantly active, with some tasks being physically demanding. Therefore, there may be days when the work is very tiring. As such, there will not be much chance for rest or staying still on the job. Starting salaries are not very high in comparison with other forms of employment, with cleaner employers in Edinburgh paying the national minimum wage. Furthermore, there may be few opportunities for career development, with options including starting your own cleaning business.

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