17 Cleaning Supervisor jobs in Edinburgh

Cleaning supervisor jobs in Edinburgh are the next logical step for cleaning professionals looking to progress into senior positions. Working as a cleaning supervisor in Edinburgh, you will almost certainly be the point of contact for the overall service provided by an organisation. You may also be expected to manage a small team, as well as maintaining the cleanliness of several working environments.

Edinburgh is home to approximately 500,000 people, and the city boasts the second strongest economy in the UK after London. A steady increase in the amount of new businesses in the area, coupled with millions of annual visitors, means that more jobs are being created in Edinburgh. Cleaning supervisor employers in Edinburgh also have the added benefit of operating in one of the most popular cities in Europe. In fact, Edinburgh has regularly been voted the most attractive UK city to live and work in. Therefore, it is no surprise that more people are seeing this area as a viable location to build their career in.

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Working as a cleaning supervisor in Edinburgh can involve a lot of multi-tasking. This is because your role can be split between people management and cleaning duties. Therefore, you can expect to have some administrative responsibilities such as organising rotas and completing invoices. Cleaning supervisor jobs in Edinburgh may also require you to complete reports on different cleaning tasks, in addition to leading on all health & safety matters. Furthermore, some cleaning supervisor employers in Edinburgh might expect you to take the lead when it comes to increasing efficiency and maximising staff performance.

Formal academic qualifications are not normally considered to be essential criteria for cleaner supervisor jobs in Edinburgh. Of course, qualifications achieved in secondary or further education can help you, but it is unlikely to go against you if you do not have any. However, cleaning supervisor employers in Edinburgh may favour your application if you have previously completed health & safety courses. It is highly plausible that your application will be judged primarily on your previous experience. You should have a proven track record of performing to a high standard throughout your career, and strong references from previous clients will also help.

Working as a cleaning supervisor in Edinburgh can be a great opportunity to further your career in the cleaning industry. You should have regular chances to manage both people and the cleaning operation side of a business. The management and organisational skills that you can acquire in this role should also stand you in great stead in the long term.

Cleaning supervisor employers in Edinburgh may offer you an annual salary of around £19,000 – £22,000, which is consistent with the average national salary for similar roles. However, the salary is comfortably higher than that of a standard cleaning professional. Edinburgh constantly features in the top five UK cities for new job roles. Coupled with the wonderful architecture, vibrant social scene and popular tourist attractions, this could be a great location to work in.

As the city continues to thrive economically, more work is becoming available across multiple sectors. This means that your workload levels are likely to increase, allowing you more opportunities to earn money. Cleaning supervisor jobs in Edinburgh are a great option for candidates who want to sample the management side of a business. This addition to your CV can benefit you for years to come. Combining managerial tasks with cleaning tasks also appeals to candidates who are looking for more variation.

Working as a cleaning supervisor in Edinburgh can also come with some negatives. Managing different members of staff can take its toll mentally, particularly when dealing with personal issues on a regular basis. This can also distract your team from carrying out the work that clients are paying your company for. Prioritising your own workload is important and you must ensure that high standards are maintained at all times. This is because the cleaning industry is incredibly competitive, and companies will only want to work with the best cleaning providers.

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