Insurance Claims Account Handler jobs in Edinburgh

Insurance claims account handler jobs in Edinburgh are responsible for processing accurate claims for policyholders. This could mean working with individuals or businesses, or both, depending on a company’s size.

Edinburgh has many insurance companies based in the city. Scotland’s capital has the strongest economy of any UK city outside of London. There are around 4.3 million people living in the metropolitan area, with many international visitors adding to its popularity. The exciting dining and nightlife scene are a draw, as are the thrilling cultural and historic sites. There is also beautiful surrounding countryside for taking peaceful walks in nature.

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What does a claims handler do? Insurance claims account handler jobs in Edinburgh are involved in every stage of a claim. This starts from raising the claim, speaking to policyholders over phone, email or in person, to approving or denying it.

An insurance account handler job description usually also includes processing related paperwork and analysing claims to assess the outcome. You will often need to help policyholders to understand the whole claims process and what will happen at each stage. It will be necessary to explain the reasoning when claims are approved or denied. Providing a good standard of customer service is essential.

You may be working how to work in insurance claims. This role does not usually require a qualification, though an increasing number of employers offer graduate schemes. These will often provide training on the job. If you have a degree in a subject related to the industry, this may help to be accepted. These could include business management, accounting or economics.

Your suitability for insurance claims account handler jobs in Edinburgh can be enhanced with the Chartered Institute of Insurance courses. These will give insight into the industry and help you with necessary skills. Employers usually look for people who have strong communication skills, good organisation and an understanding of business and negotiation.

Insurance claims account Handler jobs in Edinburgh give the chance to grow a strong career as the industry keeps growing. It is possible to move into senior positions from this role if you perform well. These include senior account handlers, team leaders and claims managers or directors. You might also wish to focus on specific areas so that you have a specialism which sets apart your skill set. These can include risk management and fraud.

An insurance claims account handler salary is usually around £15,000-£18,000 to start with, rising to around £18,000-£25,000 for graduate roles. This can increase once you progress, with salaries of around £25,000-£30,000 with experience. Managers and directors can command up to around £50,000.
Those searching for ‘claims handler jobs near me’ will find that there are many insurance companies based in Edinburgh. These include Royal London, the Phoenix Group and Aegon.

There are some negatives to insurance claims account handler jobs in Edinburgh. These include the requirement to work evenings and weekends, as well as a demanding, competitive work environment. There can be high pressure with deadlines to meet and there may be a lot of tedious admin duties. It can also be difficult dealing with unhappy clients if their claims do not turn out as they hoped.

There are various positives to the role. These include opportunities for growth, with a clear route to senior roles. Your tasks have some variety so that your days can be different and interesting. It can also be rewarding to help people in need. The stability of the insurance industry means you generally have job security.

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