1 It Graduate Recruitment Consultant jobs in Edinburgh

IT graduate recruitment consultant jobs in Edinburgh are increasing in availability as the sector flourishes. This position is responsible for sourcing IT graduates for companies, either in-house or working for a recruitment agency.

Edinburgh has a strong economy, the biggest outside of London, so the employment market is stable. Scotland’s capital has a population of around 4.3 million. People are attracted from around the UK and internationally by its architecture, interesting history and thriving arts and culture. There are many different shops, restaurants, theatres and museums, with nearby countryside for a change of pace.

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A trainee IT recruitment consultant job description usually lists the main responsibility as matching IT graduates with companies. This can be done in various ways. You might reach out to potential hires on email or social media to headhunt them. Alternatively, you could write and post job listings to attract people to interviews.

IT graduate recruitment consultant jobs in Edinburgh may require you to divide your time between the office and external meetings. These will sometimes be with hiring companies to find out what they are looking for and better understand their culture. They will also be with interested candidates to assess their suitability for the role you are filling. Other duties include negotiating salaries and benefits on behalf of both parties.

You may be working how to get a trainee tech recruitment consultant job in Edinburgh. It may be necessary to have qualifications or experience in the IT industry. Hiring managers usually look for people with strong communication skills, who work hard and are confident in their abilities.

Your suitability for IT graduate recruitment consultant jobs in Edinburgh will be helped by a good track record. If you can show that you have good multi-tasking skills and work well in a team, this will help you. Having a driving licence is an advantage. This is because you will probably need to travel frequently to different meetings.

IT graduate recruitment consultant jobs in Edinburgh have good prospects, with the market growing. There is a clear path to more senior roles, including executive consultant and account manager jobs. A trainee IT recruitment consultant role may also lead into other areas, such as marketing or HR. You will be able to learn many transferrable skills to help you with a potential change of specialism.

An IT graduate recruitment consultant salary is usually around £17,000 – £21,000, which can increase to around £35,000 with experience. There are likely to be different opportunities for bonuses and commission. Once you have worked your way up, you may be able to earn £40,000 and more in senior roles.

There are downsides to IT graduate recruitment consultant jobs in Edinburgh. This is a competitive industry with lots of demands, so you need to work hard to get good results. Dealing with the requirements of both clients and candidates can be difficult. It can be emotionally draining telling candidates they have been unsuccessful.

There are various positives to the role. A good graduate recruitment consultant CV will help you to progress within the industry if you build a strong record. The stability of this industry is an advantage, and your workplace setting will change regularly. The job also allows you to meet many different people on a regular basis.

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