36 Maintenance Technician jobs in Edinburgh

Maintenance technician jobs in Edinburgh are in charge of maintaining the different areas of a facility. These could be in various sectors and on sites such as schools, universities, offices and manufacturing premises.

Edinburgh has a strong economy, with opportunities for work across many different industries, such as healthcare, retail and insurance. There are approximately 4.3 million people living in the city, which attracts many annual visitors from around the world. Scotland’s capital has numerous attractive features, such as its architecture, and historic visitor spots including the Castle and Old Town. It is a diverse shopping destination, with great nightlife and a vibrant dining scene.

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What does a maintenance technician do? They are responsible for solving problems, either alone or part of a team. Maintenance technician jobs in Edinburgh involve performing maintenance and repairs on different areas, such as windows and doors, plumbing and electrics.

Heating and air conditioning units, painting and cleaning are other areas which might require your skills. A maintenance technician job description might also include keeping areas tidy and clear of hazards and risks. This means it will be necessary to carry out risk assessments and escalate any recommendations.

It will not be necessary to have any qualifications for this role, however GCSEs in maths and English are an advantage. An HND in a relevant area such as carpentry or plumbing may also be a benefit. A maintenance technician apprenticeship can also help you to progress in this role.

There are various required skills for maintenance technician jobs, such as any in electrical wiring and plumbing. It will help if you have experience with different types of machinery. These might include general repair tools, gardening or cleaning equipment. You should be in good physical fitness and flexible in your approach to your duties.

Maintenance technician jobs in Edinburgh can open rewarding opportunities for your long-term career. The role allows you to gather valuable experience, so that you can look to progress into senior roles. Spending time on the job allows you to be given more and more responsibility to prove yourself with hands-on work. This could lead into eventually managing a team of technicians or larger facilities.

A maintenance technician starting salary is usually around £15,000, rising to around £30,000 with a few years of experience. You could go on to earn around £40,000+ after more years of experience and in more senior roles.

There are disadvantages to maintenance technician jobs in Edinburgh. It can be demanding as you will need to fix problems as they occur, as quickly as possible and to a high standard. It may be necessary to work unsociable hours, covering evenings and weekends where necessary. The salary can be low to start with, so you must persevere and gather experience to eventually increase your earnings.

There are good points to this position too. Every day is likely to be different, with help required in different areas, interacting with many different people. You can also earn a good income once you have a few years of experience and prove your worth.

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