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As the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is well placed to attract a wide range of industries. The city’s growing economy has meant opportunities for many areas of the storage, distribution and logistics sectors.

There are currently over 36,000 people employed in wholesale and retail in the city, while transportation and storage accounts for more than 10,000 jobs. Therefore, if you are looking for order picker jobs in Edinburgh, there are a wide range of employers offering the chance to take you first steps in this area of work.

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Working as an order picker in Edinburgh involves selecting items from shelves in storage facilities and preparing them for delivery. An order picker’s responsibility is to make sure the correct items are packaged and loaded onto vehicles for delivery.

Order picker employers in Edinburgh will also expect you to keep a record of orders, and this can involve using electronic equipment such as an RT scanner. Order pickers must consult order sheets and locate items for delivery and are also responsible for monitoring stock levels and replenishing stock when necessary.

There are no specific qualifications required for applying for order picker jobs in Edinburgh. Some order picker employers in Edinburgh may insist you have some GCSEs, including maths and English. You may also be required to complete a short test as part of the selection process. An ability to work with computers and process data can be an advantage when working as an order picker in Edinburgh.

Working as an order picker in Edinburgh can often be the first step to a career in logistics. An order picker usually starts on an annual salary of around £14,000 and can earn up to £23,000 depending on experience.

Order picker jobs in Edinburgh can often give you the opportunity to progress to a post as a shift supervisor. You can also become a warehouse manager with experience as an order picker, as well as pursue a career in retail management or as a buyer for a supermarket depending on the sector you are working in.

Order picker jobs in Edinburgh can be rewarding and interesting. You work as part of a team and are often on your feet in a warehouse, as well as processing orders at a desk. There can be a lot of variety, both in the work and the products you deal with, and there are many opportunities for career progression.

On the downside, working as an order picker in Edinburgh can initially be quite a low paid job and involve a heavy workload. There can be a lot of pressure and responsibility involved in making sure orders are correct as any errors can prove costly. You can also be expected to work at weekends and on a shift pattern, which can include unsociable hours.

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