18 Php Developer jobs in Edinburgh

PHP developer jobs in Edinburgh continue to grow, as digital companies increasingly expand with the rise of online commerce. With PHP being the most popular programming language, there are usually plenty of opportunities in this kind of work. It is possible to be both creative and analytical, bringing an interesting mixture of disciplines to the role.

Working as a PHP developer in Edinburgh should bring a good amount of opportunities for work. This is partly due to Scotland’s capital having the strongest economy of any UK city outside London. With a wealth of investment projects, the region continues to attract people, with the city’s population currently around 500,000. The rich history, stunning architecture and exciting culture are just some of the main draws of Edinburgh.

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Working as a PHP developer in Edinburgh requires you to complete various daily tasks related to computer programming. This often means working on server-side logic and maintaining a central database. You might also be making sure that the front end is performing well in response to your developments.

PHP developer jobs in Edinburgh might include building and testing PHP modules and being a key contact for performance issues. You could be working on storing data and creating technical documents. These tasks can change as you progress further in the programming field.

PHP developer jobs in Edinburgh would often require a relevant qualification, which might be a university degree in computer engineering. There may be opportunities to undertake graduate-level training with some companies. However, having previous experience will also benefit your chances of being hired.

PHP developer employers in Edinburgh value applicants who have some existing knowledge in this field. If you can demonstrate skills in areas such as PHP web frameworks and MVC design patterns, this could benefit you. It will also help to understand security compliance and be familiar with various databases and languages.

PHP developer jobs in Edinburgh bring attractive career and earning potential. With demand ever-growing for this role, you can potentially enjoy long-term stability. This involves hard work and experience to move up to a mid-level position, usually after a few years. Once you have worked your way up to this level, you could progress to head developer and lead a team.

PHP developer employers in Edinburgh generally pay between approximately £20,000 and £25,000 to start with. This can increase to around £25,000 – £35,000 once you have progressed. Head developers can often earn up to around £60,000 and more, depending on the employer.

PHP developer jobs in Edinburgh have advantages in the stability of work and range of opportunities. This role is available in numerous sectors, so that you can enjoy diverse career options. The earning potential for developers is a big draw and you can continue growing your skill set as technology develops.

Working as a PHP developer in Edinburgh does bring some negatives. There can be a lot of hard work involved, with pressure from having to resolve key technology performance issues. The success of a business can be heavily reliant on your work and the deadlines can be tight. Your environment might stay the same for a long time too, being mostly based around your computer.

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