84 Sales Manager jobs in Edinburgh

Sales manager jobs in Edinburgh are valuable positions which directly contribute to the turnover of a business. By taking a leading role in selling the products and services of companies, you can enjoy a financially rewarding career.

Working as a sales manager in Edinburgh can be a good move due to the innovative, strong economy here. This is a role which is available in a wide variety of industries, so a versatile career is possible. The continued investment into this city means that there are many different opportunities for stable work. Around 500,000 people currently live Edinburgh, with much to enjoy about the city. There is historic culture, dynamic nightlife and restaurants, exciting international arts festivals and surrounding countryside.

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Working as a sales manager in Edinburgh usually involves leading a team of sales executives. You may be given sole responsibility for the commercial success of a company you work for, which requires great planning. Creating strategies and communicating them to your team might be an important part of your responsibilities. Some of your days may be taken up by going out and meeting prospective and current clients and attending conferences.

Negotiating numbers and terms can be another key part of sales manager jobs in Edinburgh. It may also be necessary to train junior members of your team, potentially briefing them on clients being brought onboard. You may have to perform regular audits to review the profitability of your business and identify ways to nurture revenue.

Some sales manager jobs in Edinburgh might ask for a university degree. This may not need to be in a particular subject, while some companies might prefer specific qualifications. These could be in areas such as business, marketing or finance, or in sector-relevant areas such as IT, for example. It is also possible to work your way up to this role after starting in an entry-level sales position. Some businesses may prioritise highly relevant industry experience over a formal degree.

Sales manager employers in Edinburgh generally look for people who are confident and have a good sales technique. You should probably be resilient enough to deal with setbacks well and continue onto the next opportunity. Being a good communicator and motivator, with a proficiency in numbers, can also help greatly.

Sales manager jobs in Edinburgh give you the chance to play a significant role in business success. This should in turn allow you to gain recognition for your work, potentially helping your own prospects. The opportunity to take on plenty of responsibility can help to grow your skills, experience and track record fairly quickly. If your staff carry out their roles well, this can also reflect positively on your performance as a manager.

Sales manager employers in Edinburgh can generally pay between around £20,000 and £30,000 to start with. This may rise to around £40,000 with experience. There can also be opportunities to earn extra income from commission and bonuses. If you wish to progress to more senior positions, you could potentially pursue a national sales manager or sales director.

Sales manager jobs in Edinburgh give you the chance to greatly develop yourself professionally and earn an attractive income. Your results may directly influence your progression, as your team’s performance will be regularly analysed. This means you might be able to enjoy constant recognition if you carry out the role well. There may also be variety in your days as you divide your time between external meetings and the office environment.

Working as a sales manager in Edinburgh can be subject to a lot of pressure. There are often strict business targets to meet and ideally exceed, which can also bring tight deadlines. Potentially high workloads might mean that you work long hours on occasion. It can also be stressful dealing with negative feedback from clients and taking accountability if your team does not perform.

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