1 Senior Healthcare Assistant jobs in Edinburgh

Would you like a valuable and rewarding healthcare industry career? Then senior healthcare assistant jobs in Edinburgh are ideal for you. Working as aa senor healthcare assistant in Edinburgh will bring many benefits. You’ll also have lots of different jobs to pick from. Senior healthcare assistant employers in Edinburgh can be found across many settings. Whether you’re interested in working in a hospital or community setting, there are opportunities to fit the bill.

Working as a senior healthcare assistant in Edinburgh involves a broad spectrum of responsibilities. You’ll have a range of duties to carry out on a daily basis. You will lead a healthcare assistant team in a hospital or community setting. You will, however, have a nurse or other healthcare professional to give you direction.

Senior healthcare assistant employers in Edinburgh have varying requirements of their staff. In the hospital environment you’ll be helping with tasks that relate to all aspects of patient care. These jobs include dressing and washing patients. Another important job requirement is talking to patients and reassuring them. You’ll monitor their medical conditions and supply medication as necessary. You’ll also be responsible for making them as comfortable as possible.

In a community setting, like a health centre or doctor’s surgery, you’ll be doing different jobs. These will include processing samples, carrying out health checks, sterilising equipment or delivering health education.

Senior healthcare assistant employers in Edinburgh usually demand good educational standards from workers. You may be required to also have a healthcare qualification. This may be an NVQ or BTEC. In a senior position such as this, you’ll have had considerable healthcare practice experience.

On a personal level you need to be friendly, kind and caring. You will also have to be well-organised and have leadership skills. Carrying out hands-on personal care is part of your role. Therefore, you just be comfortable with this. You will also need good communication skills and be independent as well as work as part of a team.

Senior healthcare assistant jobs in Edinburgh come with many advantages. The hourly rate you can expect to receive is about £9 per hour. Your job will also be interesting, exciting and varied each day. You’ll never have the same day twice! You’ll also have chance to meet and work with all kinds of people from all walks of life. There are many progression opportunities too. You will undertake many training courses that allow your career to advance.

Working as a senior healthcare assistant in Edinburgh also has its downsides. The shift work is often an issue. You will work different hours from week to week. You’ll also work in the weekends and evenings in many cases. This disrupts your social life and can get in the way of family responsibilities. Also, some people dislike the physically unpleasant nature of tasks like taking patients to the toilet.

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