Seo Account Manager jobs in Edinburgh

If you are experienced in improving the online visibility of organisations, then search engine optimisation account management positions in Edinburgh could be ideal. Many companies are looking for considerable SEO expertise as the skill has become a key part of digital marketing strategies. Providing digital guidance to multiple clients is a major part of SEO account manager jobs in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is able to boast the strongest UK economy outside of London. With a rising population of around 500,000 people and a stable economy, the city appeals to many marketing and SEO professionals. You will be expected to play a key role in increasing search rankings and organic traffic. You can achieve this with a combination of content and technical tasks.

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A major part of any SEO account manager job description is to have a significant amount of knowledge within digital marketing. You should have awareness of how content optimisation can play a big role in the commercial department of a company. Knowledge of the latest SEO tools is a big factor, and you may have to use the likes of SemRush, Ahrefs and SurferSEO.

If you want to succeed in SEO account manager jobs in Edinburgh, then you should be well versed in completing keyword research. Identifying relevant words and phrases is important, as well as ensuring that you are not over-using certain phrases. Depending on an organisation there could also be some technical tasks involved. This could include implementing title tags and improving the speed of websites. Some other duties may include:

  • Knowledge of HTML coding
  • Implementing long-tail keywords
  • Researching competitors’ search terms
  • Generate key link-building opportunities

A degree is usually part of the essential application criteria for SEO account manager jobs in Edinburgh. This is because of the requirement of more SEO knowledge in marketing environments, and the rise in available technical and digital roles. You should look to show how your skills can contribute to increased revenue streams.

Search engine optimisation account manager skills are highly sought after as there are so many elements to the role. You will be developing your skills on an ongoing basis, and you will find that a lot of individual tasks make up an overall SEO project. The following attributes are also considered to be important:

  • Excellent relationship building skills
  • Knowledge of social media
  • Knowledge of how algorithms can impact rankings
  • Strong copywriting skills

With a lot of specialist marketing agencies in the Edinburgh area, this job should give you an excellent career platform. SEO account manager jobs in Edinburgh are popular because of the picturesque setting of the Scottish city. With some excellent tourist attractions and architecture, Edinburgh has become one of Britain’s most popular employment locations. More organisations are focusing on SEO and this gives the industry an element of stability.

If you are successful, you may be able to secure future promotions to roles including senior account manager or a head of digital marketing position. This can help to increase your SEO account manager salary from around £25,000, to a figure in excess of £40,000 a year. Of course, completing training courses throughout your career and achieving CIM qualifications can also increase your earning potential.

This position can be a hugely satisfying and financially rewarding role. You have the opportunity to become a valued member of a digital marketing team, whilst acquiring key contacts with different clients. Playing a role in the success of other companies can also help you to flourish in the long-term. Another positive of this job is that it is easy to see your success by looking at different search rankings.

You should be mindful of the timeframe to see the results of your work when searching for ‘SEO account manager jobs near me’. It can take a few months to see positive results and this can add to the pressures of the role if clients are not aware of this. You should also be prepared for some long working hours, and the occasional requirement to work some evenings.

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