Telesales Manager jobs in Edinburgh

Telesales manager jobs in Edinburgh can provide a rewarding career. They revolve around delivering good customer service and are usually available in various sectors. You will most likely be leading a team of telesales agents.

Working as a telesales manager in Edinburgh could allow you to pursue vacancies in a wide range of industries. These include health, finance, business services and tourism. Scotland’s capital has a population of around 500,000, with the city’s popularity partly down to an innovative and ever-growing economy. This means there are varied opportunities for work. There is also lots to enjoy about Edinburgh in your spare time, from exciting theatres and restaurants to historic buildings. You can also take a short journey to embark on scenic walks in the surrounding countryside.

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Working as a telesales manager in Edinburgh involves a range of duties. These can include motivating a team and nurturing their performance, in order to drive business results and meet sales targets. You might be working some of the time on training staff, to help them develop and improve company turnover. If you work in an inbound call centre, your team may need to answer a certain amount of daily calls. They might also be taking enquiries through email, which will ideally be turned into new or ongoing business. Working in an outbound call centre means that your team might need to create lists of prospective customers to target. They may then need to call them up to try and sell your business product or services.

Telesales manager jobs in Edinburgh might also require you to conduct performance reviews of team members. You may also need to review current procedures and strategies, identifying areas of improvement to bring in more sales.

Some telesales manager jobs in Edinburgh will not need any formal qualifications, while others may require related awards or certificates. These can include qualifications in sales, marketing and management. Some employers may ask for degrees in related subjects relevant to that business sector. With some roles, you may be able to work your way up from a more junior position.

Telesales manager employers in Edinburgh also look for certain qualities in people they hire. These can include excellent management and communication skills, along with good sales knowledge. It may benefit you if you are good at problem-solving and multi-tasking too.

Telesales manager jobs in Edinburgh offer the chance to gain a range of transferrable skills, helping your future employability. It can be possible to have a versatile career if you build an impressive sales record and demonstrate good management. Once you are ready to progress, you could look to positions such as head of sales or regional sales manager.

Telesales manager employers in Edinburgh can pay somewhere around £20,000 – £25,000 to start with. This can increase with experience, to anywhere up to approximately £60,000 for senior positions.

Telesales manager jobs in Edinburgh are a good way of building a career in management. There is the potential for good financial rewards, with the ability to nurture invaluable skills for career versatility. You may have flexibility in shift patterns, with some businesses offering the chance to work remotely.

Working as a telesales manager in Edinburgh can involve heavy workloads, with a lot of responsibility for staff performance. You may be held accountable if your team do not perform well enough or targets are not met. There may be a requirement to work evenings and weekends at times, or to be on call. Potentially noisy work environments can also be stressful.

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