2 Warehouse Administrator jobs in Edinburgh

As Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh is also at the heart of the country’s growing economy. Many industries have operations in the city and the surrounding metropolitan area, which is home to over half a million people.

As such, there are often many opportunities for jobseekers, particularly those looking for warehouse administrator jobs in Edinburgh. Almost 50,000 people are employed in retail, storage and transportation in the region, meaning there are a wide variety of warehouse administrator employers in Edinburgh.

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Working as a warehouse administrator in Edinburgh can be busy as there is often a lot to stay on top of. Depending on the particular industry you are working in, warehouse administrator jobs can involve the management of stock in a warehouse, whether that is selecting and preparing items for delivery or refilling stock.

A warehouse administrator is also responsible for making sure orders correspond with relevant paperwork, and you may also have to check packages and containers before they are sent for delivery. Warehouse administrator employers may also expect you to put together delivery schedules and place purchase orders with suppliers. You may also be required to provide pricing and stock information to customers.

There are no formal qualifications required to work as a warehouse administrator in Edinburgh, although employers will look for candidates with good reading, writing and numerical skills. You will also be required to be a good communicator, as much of the work involved in warehouse administrator jobs in Edinburgh involve liaising with customers and different departments within your own company.

Warehouse administrator employers in Edinburgh will require you to have a few GCSEs, particularly in maths and English. You may also want to consider completing a diploma in business and administration. Previous experience of working in an office or warehouse setting can also be beneficial.

Warehouse administrator jobs in Edinburgh offer many different paths for progression. Working in a warehouse setting, where you have to co-ordinate deliveries, can lead to a career in logistics. Furthermore, warehouse administrator jobs can lead to progression to supervisor and potentially management-level positions.

Dealing with paperwork and communications in an office-based environment can also provide valuable administrative experience, which can lead to a career in business management. Starting salaries for a warehouse administrator are usually around £15,000 a year, with this rising to £28,000 a year for those with experience.

As an important commercial and economic hub, working as a warehouse administrator in Edinburgh can be both demanding and immensely rewarding. Unlike some other administrative jobs, you will not be confined to an office all the time, instead often dividing your time between the warehouse floor and office.

On the downside, the role can feature heavy workloads at times. Warehouse administrator jobs in Edinburgh can also come with a lot of responsibility, which is not always reflected in starting salaries. Noisy and hazardous working environments and the need to work unsociable hours, including nights, weekends and Bank Holidays are other common complaints surrounding warehouse administrator jobs in Edinburgh.

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