Warehouse Personnel jobs in Edinburgh

Warehouse personnel jobs in Edinburgh offer good stability within an economy which is the strongest of any UK city outside London. This role supports the overall running of a warehouse and can feature a variety of duties. Edinburgh is an excellent city to work in, with jobs here generally better paid than the rest of Scotland.

Scotland’s capital is an exciting place to live and work in, with a population of around 50,000. Working as a warehouse personnel in Edinburgh means you can enjoy both city life and relaxing in the surrounding countryside. The rich heritage of the city attracts many annual visitors, for the striking architecture and sights such as Edinburgh Castle. There are also an array of museums, renowned restaurants and theatres, with two annual international arts festivals.

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Warehouse personnel jobs in Edinburgh involve various daily duties, such as putting together orders, carrying out stock checks and operating machinery. Forklift trucks, cherry pickers and handheld devices are all commonly used in warehouse operations. The role can be quite physical, with potential heavy lifting involved, moving frequently around a warehouse and unloading orders. Picking, packing and labelling orders could also be part of your responsibilities.

Warehouse personnel employers in Edinburgh will expect you to maintain a clean and tidy work area, with everything stored correctly. Adhering to health & safety guidelines and being constantly aware of potential hazards is also crucial.

You will not usually need qualifications for warehouse personnel jobs in Edinburgh, though some companies may ask for GCSEs. It probably will not be necessary to have previous experience as your personal qualities and physical fitness are more important. You could also receive training on the job, such as for a forklift driver’s certificate.

Warehouse personnel employers in Edinburgh will look for candidates who are fast learners, team players and hard workers. You should be adaptable to carrying out both administrative and physical tasks. It will also help to have good written and spoken communication skills.

You can grow your skills quickly working as a warehouse personnel in Edinburgh. In-house training will help you to add to your CV and develop your employability. You can also transfer a lot of the skills you learn to other jobs and industries.

Warehouse personnel jobs in Edinburgh will help you to work your way up to more senior roles. You could eventually look at applying for promotion to shift manager or warehouse supervisor roles.

There are many good points to warehouse personnel jobs in Edinburgh. You can easily enter the role without prior experience or qualifications and enjoy long-term stability. There are many opportunities you can apply for or move into once you have proven yourself in this position.

The negatives of working as a warehouse personnel in Edinburgh include the likelihood of working evenings and weekends. You will also have to become accustomed to completing your duties in a noisy environment. The work can also be physically tiring.

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