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Glasgow is the biggest city in Scotland and the fourth largest in the UK. With a population of approximately 600,000 people, the city is home to 11% of Scotland’s entire population. The local council predicts the city’s population will increase by around 11% by 2035, reflecting the growing number or jobs and people working in Glasgow.

The city continues to attract major employers to Glasgow thanks to its excellent infrastructure, growing population and its reputation as one of the most forward thinking and diverse cities in Europe. Powering the Scottish economy, the metropolitan area of Glasgow generates roughly £42 billion GVA annually, with many jobs in Glasgow found across a diverse range of sectors and levels.

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The region’s diverse economy is home to approximately 42,000 businesses, helping to provide around 850,000 jobs in Glasgow. With so many employers based in Glasgow, and reflecting its size and stature, there are often many jobs to be found in Glasgow within a variety of industries. Glasgow is responsible for roughly 40% of all financial services, aerospace, defence and marine jobs in Scotland, whilst nearly one-third of all jobs in tourism, food & drink and construction in the country are also found in Glasgow. Many people working in Glasgow are in the service sector, with this including hospitality, business and finance.

Manufacturing continues to be a strong employer in Glasgow, and includes sectors such as shipbuilding, engineering, printing & publishing and textiles. Meanwhile, emerging manufactures in software development and biotechnology are beginning to provide more jobs in Glasgow. Finance continues to be an important employer in Glasgow, with nearly 40% of FTSE 100 companies having a presence in the region and creating many jobs in Glasgow. Insurance is another important sector in the region, with it boasting the 2nd largest hub of insurance firms outside of London and helping to create many new jobs in the Glasgow region.

There are many reasons why you should consider working in Glasgow. The area is consistently one of the best economic performers in the UK, with the city’s economic output around £17 billion. With nearly 13,000 businesses operating in the city alone, an increasing number of people are working in downtown Glasgow. Looking forward, the city has set itself ambitious targets to reach by 2035, including cresting 100,000 new jobs in Glasgow and a similar number of new homes. Many people working in Glasgow can be found in the retail sector, with the city having the largest concentration of retailing outside of London’s West End. Furthermore, the high number of visitors arriving in the city every year ensures a constantly supply of jobs in Glasgow based around tourism.

Another important reason why more and more people are working in Glasgow is the low cost of living. The city is one of the cheapest UK cities to live in, with rent nearly two-thirds lower than London and food and clothing around a fifth less. In terms of culture, the city is home to the Scottish national opera, orchestra and ballet, as well as featuring seven museums, and exciting nightlife and beautiful architecture.

The biggest employers in Glasgow can be found in both public and private sectors. In the retail sector, Tesco and Asda create many jobs in the Glasgow region, with Tesco alone employing around 31,000 people. Finance is another strong employer in the region, with many people working for organisations including Lloyds Banking Group and the Royal Bank of Scotland in Glasgow. Other notable finance employers in Glasgow JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley and Barclays, with the sector as a whole creating approximately 40,000 jobs in the Glasgow area.

People working in Glasgow can also be found in the energy sector, with employers such as ScottishPower and the Weir Group, while broadcasting continues to be a strong sector, with BBC Scotland, STV and Channel 4 all providing jobs in the Glasgow area. There are a number of emerging industries to be found in the region, with an increasing number of people working in Glasgow in sectors such as digital technology, life sciences, advanced engineering, tourism and higher education, all of which are helping to create a healthy job scene in Glasgow.