138 Accountant jobs in Glasgow

Are you experienced with handling money and also possess good analytical skills? If that sounds like you, then working as an accountant in Glasgow should appeal to you. Accountant jobs in Glasgow can provide a long-lasting and successful career, and one that can be extremely rewarding financially. Due to the nature of the different businesses in the city, you could be working in a start-up business or potentially with some of the wealthiest accountant employers in Glasgow.

Working as an accountant in Glasgow, you will be operating in an area that provides more wage increases than anywhere else in the UK. With a city centre population of over 600,000 residents, Glasgow has established itself as one of the most popular and economically secure cities in Europe. The stable economy has led to the creation of new jobs and a competitive market, so you should have no issues when searching for vacant positions.

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Working as an accountant in Glasgow may include various responsibilities based on the sector you are operating in. Working with individuals on their accounts can mean that your efforts are focused on certain areas, whilst working with key partners and large organisations may require more flexibility in terms of managing your workload. Regardless of your working environment, it is expected that you can provide a thoroughly professional finance service. Accountant jobs in Glasgow can also include the following duties:

  • Providing financial advice to clients
  • Advising on tax changes
  • Updating different financial records
  • Generating invoices and annual reports

Accountant employers in Glasgow should expect you to have various qualifications. Maths and English qualifications at both GCSE and A Level will help you. In addition, a university degree in a relevant area is also considered to be essential criteria. Of course, there may be other ways into this position, such as apprenticeships or progression from a junior role. Another possible route into the industry is by completing an apprenticeship. The Association of Accounting Technicians accounting course is also a great certificate to have. This involves different areas that will be highly beneficial when working as an accountant in Glasgow.

If you can provide a high-quality service, then accountant jobs in Glasgow can reward you with some fantastic career prospects. Your annual salary is likely to start in the region of £27,000 – £30,000, which is higher than the starting salary for a large number of jobs in the area. Over the course of your career, this can increase significantly by becoming a chartered accountant. The process can take three to five years and needs to be approved by accountant employers in Glasgow in advance. Once you have achieved this status, your earning potential could at least double in the long-term.

Working as an accountant in Glasgow, it is essential that you are aware of all financial regulations. Any mistakes that are made could have big consequences and it is your responsibility to ensure accuracy. In addition, if you aspire to become a chartered accountant, this can be a difficult process which can be time-consuming when combining this with your day job.

However, accountant employers in Glasgow do provide a position which is highly paid and extremely rewarding. You should have multiple opportunities to enhance your skills, which could benefit you for years to come. Furthermore, it may be possible to gain new qualifications when undertaking accountant jobs in Glasgow, and these qualifications could help you to progress even further. Glasgow is also one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, with a wonderful array of bars, restaurants and retail outlets. If you possess the necessary skills and you like the idea of working in a major UK city, then this could be job for you.

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