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Are you looking for a stable role in a vibrant and creative UK city? If that is the case, then you should look at working as an admin officer in Glasgow. Incredibly, over two million people are now employed in administrative roles throughout the UK. With over 48,000 businesses in the city, it is unsurprising that there has been a steady increase in the number of admin officer jobs in Glasgow.

You may be expected to provide admin support for your colleagues and a company’s partners. Admin officer employers in Glasgow can be found in multiple areas and the level of office-based tasks could vary. With a population approaching 610,000 people and a thriving local economy, Glasgow is a city that has experienced a vast increase in tourism numbers in recent years. This means that more new businesses are opening their doors, and more administrative professionals are required.

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Admin officer jobs in Glasgow can fluctuate from being busy and fast-paced to tasks that can be quite time-consuming and repetitive. You may be expected to complete various documents, compile meeting notes and update data entry fields. Other duties expected by admin officer employers in Glasgow may include planning meetings, organising diaries and acting as a personal assistant for senior members of staff. Once you start a role in this field, you can learn lots of new skills quickly, and this could involve HR tasks, marketing and health & safety duties.

You will ideally have GCSE qualifications in subjects such as maths and English before applying for admin officer jobs in Glasgow. One of the key benefits that admin officer employers in Glasgow provide is that the role is usually an entry-level position. Therefore, there are not many candidates who are discouraged from applying when looking at the desirable criteria. Of course, if you are applying for a more senior admin role, then it is beneficial to have some previous experience in this area.

Working as an admin officer in Glasgow, your prospects are great due to the various skills that you can acquire. Some of the training courses that companies can pay for will also benefit you when applying for positions in the future. Admin officer employers in Glasgow could reward years of service and high performance with bonuses and promotion. The latter may involve progression to a role as a senior admin officer, or even an admin manager position. Alternatively, your company may look to place you in different departments if you display some excellent skills in key areas such as marketing and human resources. Furthermore, with more new roles being created in Glasgow than anywhere else in Scotland, you should not find it difficult to seek alternative employment in similar industries.

As more and more new businesses begin trading in the city, Glasgow could be the perfect place to form your career. There are not many industries that do not require professional admin staff, so there could be regular opportunities to secure work in the city. You should also have the chance to build some great working relationships with internal and external stakeholders, which can also aid your long-term ambitions.

However, working as an admin officer in Glasgow can also have some negatives. The main one for most candidates is the relatively low starting salary. You can expect to receive a salary of around £18,000 – £20,000 a year. This is low compared to most industries in the area, but the stability and amount of work on offer is what attracts a lot of candidates. Admin officer jobs in Glasgow usually involve some menial tasks which do not give you a great sense of satisfaction. However, the tasks can vary, and it is highly plausible that your tasks will fluctuate in difficulty and skills on a regular basis.

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