227 Care Assistant jobs in Glasgow

Over 600,000 residents live in and around Glasgow, with around 23% of them unable to take part in daily activities without some form of care. Care assistant jobs in Glasgow are varied and offer people the opportunity to work with the elderly, disabled and other sections of the population. If you want to enjoy working as a care assistant in Glasgow, then it is wise to work out which area suits your skills the best before applying.

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Care assistant jobs in Glasgow offer lots of variety, and you can expect no two days to be the same. When you begin working as a care assistant in Glasgow, you will be expected to complete the following as part of your typical duties:

  • Undertaking personal care with clients
  • Helping to dress and undress service users
  • Preparing light meals and supporting feeding where needed
  • Carrying out manual handling tasks

Care assistant employers in Glasgow will typically offer training at the beginning, with such training often renewed each year to keep you up to date regarding legal requirements of the role.

When it comes to required qualifications and experience, you will need to complete the role, and you can expect care assistant employers in Glasgow to share their expectations via a personalised job description. However, there are some general requirements and skills that are sought after, including:

  • Basic literacy and numeracy qualifications
  • Experience of working with vulnerable clients
  • Manual handling certification
  • Health & Safety certification
  • A friendly and caring nature

Most care assistant employers in Glasgow are looking for people that want to support clients who need them and who can work a range of shift patterns that cover both days and nights.


Working as a care assistant in Glasgow comes with many benefits that you will enjoy whilst gaining valuable work experience. Some of the biggest pros of this career include:

  • Working with a large number of different clients
  • Building relationships with people who need you the most
  • Having the opportunity to work shifts that best fit with your lifestyle and personal commitments

If these pros fit in with what you are looking for in a job, then care assistant employers in Glasgow will want to hear from you in order to move your application forward.

The reality of care assistant jobs in Glasgow is that there are also some downsides that you will need to consider before submitting applications. Some of the most common cons include:

  • Anti-social working hours
  • Emotional stress of becoming close to patients
  • Regular need to work overtime

In reality, if you enter this profession with a clear understanding of the pressures you will face then you should find working as a care assistant in Glasgow hugely rewarding.

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