132 Customer Service Advisor jobs in Glasgow

Customer service advisor jobs in Glasgow are a good place to work for people who want to improve their communication and telephony skills. It is also a great opportunity to learn more about the industry you are in and the products your company offers. Working as a customer service advisor in Glasgow, you will be able to find positions in the both private and the public sectors as many large institutions call the city home.

Glasgow’s population of nearly 600,000 makes it the third largest city in the UK. With a vibrant nightlife, rich history and strong cultural identity, this attracts new workers from all over the world. Some large customer service advisor employers in Glasgow include the NHS, Arnold Clark Automobiles, Clydesdale Bank and House of Fraser to name a few. Positions can be found across full-time and part-time roles.

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Working as a customer service advisor in Glasgow involves helping clients with day to day queries. This may include complaints handling. In an ordinary call centre environment, your day to day tasks will normally be spent on the phone. However, some customer services professionals are situated on a front desk for customer-facing tasks. Because you will be expected to have good product knowledge, it is important that you are fully aware of a companies’ products and customer service policy, which may include dealing with returns, complaints and new business.

Most customer service advisor jobs in Glasgow do not require any specific qualifications as it is an entry-level role. If you are degree educated this will always be beneficial, however most employers will only expect you to have GCSE’s in English and maths. Customer service advisor employers in Glasgow will treat you preferentially if you have previous experience in telephony or come from a similar industry.

On the job training is normally given for all new starters as most companies have their own telephone procedure, however employers may seek certain personality traits such as:

·        Good communications skills

·        An ability to manage a varied workload

·        Strong IT skills

Customer service advisor jobs in Glasgow can open doors for you to expand your career. Glasgow has the third most businesses of any city in the UK behind London and Birmingham, so you will not be short of opportunities in this city of nearly 100,000 companies.

You will have promotions opportunities if you consistently perform well. This may include becoming part of a management team or receiving significant pay rises. Working as a customer service advisor in Glasgow you could receive anywhere between £16,000 and £20,000. This is in line with the national average for roles elsewhere.

Despite the salary being in line with the national average for the same role, some workers testify to the pay being too low for the work load. This can also include stress due to dealing with angry customers on a daily basis, which can be tolling on your mental health. There is also a heavy workload to deal with, as some companies may give you a portfolio to work in a certain amount of time.

However, there are positives to the role. You will learn lots of new skills, from telephony to IT, which you can transfer to other roles. This will give you the chance to work in other industries in the future. The position can also give you high job satisfaction as you assist customers in difficulty. Many companies offer a healthy bonus scheme, and some may offer you a Monday-Friday work schedule which is great for candidates who want to balance their work and life.

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