5 Digital Marketing Executive jobs in Glasgow

Working as a digital marketing executive in Glasgow is a good career choice for people proficient in multiple skills. Digital marketing executive jobs in Glasgow can vary significantly depending on the company and allow you to pick up multiple different skills. It is important that you are aware of changes and trends in the market.

Because of the nature of the role, there are multiple sectors that require digital marketing executives. Glasgow is home to household names such as Scottish Power, Clydesdale Bank and House of Fraser, all of which have large bases in Glasgow where digital marketing is at the forefront of operations. Glasgow is the fourth-largest city in the UK by population, and home to over one million people. Because of its rich cultural history, sports and arts, Glasgow is increasing in popularity as a place to work, live and play. If this interests you, continue reading.

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Most digital marketing executive jobs in Glasgow are employed through the company they work for, however you may have an opportunity to become self-employed or work through an agency. This is because working as a digital marketing executive in Glasgow may require different skill sets with different elements. As a result, the role is evolving constantly, with a need to keep up to date with market trends. Some of your duties might include:

·        Completing SEO copywriting tasks

·        Maintaining a company website

·        Running Google ad campaigns

·        Designing imagery and video assets

Digital marketing executive jobs in Glasgow normally require a university degree due to the competition for places in the role. Degrees such as marketing, business, media or social media marketing are among a few that will benefit your application. This is due to the amount of marketing graduates that are seeking roles throughout the country. Your application will be treated preferentially if you have experience of marketing in a previous role.

Some employers may ask for additional skills and experience before applying such as photo and video editing, SEO or sales experience. Moreover, digital marketing executive employers in Glasgow will also look for employees that meet the following personality traits:

·        Enthusiasm over new responsibilities

·        A thirst to improve and learn

·        Ambition to go far in the industry

·        Excellent written and verbal skills

Digital marketing executive jobs in Glasgow open doors for many opportunities, both long and short-term. It will give you the chance to explore new roles. For example, if copywriting is your specialism, you may want to learn about SEO. As you gain experience in more areas, you will get the chance to apply for higher paying roles. This may mean moving to a senior marketing executive position with the intention of applying for management.

You will stand a greater chance of progression if you have qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Not only will this give you scope to progress in the business, it will also make you stand out to employers initially. Agencies may offer a better wage when working as a digital marketing executive in Glasgow. Your starting salary however should be between £19,000 and £22,000, which is in line with the national average.

Working as a digital marketing executive in Glasgow does have lots of benefits. It gives you the flexibility to specialise in one area or learn different disciplines, of which many could be of value to your future development. Being the largest city in Scotland and the fourth largest in the UK, opportunities should remain aplenty in Glasgow, especially due to its increased growth. You will also work a pattern that is suitable for a good work-life balance, as it is unlikely you will be expected to work weekends.

Working as a digital marketing executive in Glasgow can frustrate many employees due to the changing nature of the role. Your role may change on a monthly basis, alongside the requirements for the role. This may include taking exams or training within your company to keep on top of these changes. Digital marketing executive jobs are also very stressful due to their reliance on a return on investment, which could mean you working some early mornings and late evenings.

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