42 Electrical Maintenance Engineer jobs in Glasgow

Electrical maintenance engineer employers in Glasgow are on the hunt of dedicated and skilled aspirants who love to interact with computers, make decisions and solve problems, and analyse data information?   

Do you know that there is around 1,997 electrical maintenance engineer job vacancy in the UK alone? This figure certainly speaks for the predicted growth of the sector. At present, there are many departments across varying industries that count on electronic components and machines. This is why this profession has a very promising future and will continue to be in demand in diverse sectors like transport, manufacturing, construction, energy, telecommunications and petrochemicals, in the UK, around some major cities like Glasgow – the economic powerhouse of Scotland that generates close to £19.3billion business annually. Glasgow with a population of around 1.2 million people and a GDP of £170 billion, is one the fastest-growing economies in the UK. The region has an assorted business and industry base and a highly proficient workforce.  

Keep reading to learn more about what it takes to work as an electrical maintenance engineer in Glasgow. 

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Working as an electrical maintenance engineer in Glasgow typically requires working in laboratories & research facilities, factories, mines, industrial & production plants, power stations and offices 

The work profile of electrical maintenance engineer jobs in Glasgow may involve being seated at a desk formulating designs, planning budgets, and making project schedules. However,  working as an electrical maintenance engineer in Glasgow may also involve supervising the work of electricians, scientists, computer programmers, and other engineers. 

Some of the roles and responsibilities of electrical maintenance engineer jobs in Glasgowinvolve. 

  • Assess, evaluate, and advance recommendations to increase equipment uptime and optimization of usage 
  • Design, build, test, and oversee the manufacturing of electrical equipment 
  • Liaise with teams to support with projects, ensure compliance and match equipment goals 
  • Lead staff training for maintenance and safety 
  • Review and estimate maintenance and replacement schedules 

To enter this profession and enter the world of electrical maintenance engineer jobs in Glasgow, aspiring electrical and electronics engineers require a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, electronics engineering, or electrical engineering technology.  

Electrical maintenance engineer employers in Glasgow always look to hire professionals with a high degree of mechanical skill, who can successfully manage teammates and work independently with high problem-solving skills with electrical systems.  

Electrical maintenance engineer jobs in Glasgow also offer extensive training programs which include orientation initiatives and structured professional development plans.  Employers will also be looking for personal skills, including: 

  • Leadership  
  • Physical stamina  
  • Computer abilities 
  • Strong written and spoken communication 
  • Attention to detail  

Highly motivated electrical engineer enthusiasts have multiple opportunities to progress within their field. Electrical and electronic engineers may proceed to supervisory posts in which they lead a team of engineers and technicians. Some may also get an opportunity to move to administrative positions in management.  

Working as an electrical engineer can be a rewarding pick for aspirants who are passionate about technology, mathematics, and science, as it allows them to practice these disciplines in innovative ways. Electrical maintenance engineer jobs in Glasgow offer competitive salaries and a space to work for a variety of industries that makes the profession so appealing. The average annual salary for an electrical maintenance engineer is $76,000. While entry-level electrical engineers typically get annual salaries of around an experienced professional can earn annual earnings of. However, the location can also significantly impact an electrical engineer’s annual earnings. 


  • Numerous practical applications with knowledge acquired in this field. 
  • Skills learned can be employed in other fields and might make the learning of some other associated skills easier. 
  • More of an advisory/supervisory job role so the chance of hurting yourself doing labour is less. 
  • Dealing with electrical equipment safely and correctly can be learned and mastered to keep yourself safe. 
  • Supervisor positions and good pay. Can’t get any better. A high pay that is promised in this profession. 


  • Very extensive scale job and demands copious hours spent on various parts of the job. 
  • Demands expertise and knowledge with numbers which are tough for some. 
  • Ongoing education and training are needed to advance in the profession and gain licenses within specific fields. 

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