11 Hgv Driver jobs in Glasgow

Are you a dedicated worker with knowledge of the distribution industry? If you are, then you may consider working as a HGV driver in Glasgow. The rise in retail, particularly online shopping has led to a surge in logistics in the UK. This has resulted in HGV driver employers in Glasgow seeking an increasing number of qualified drivers.

Glasgow is the UK’s fourth largest city, with a growing population of over 600,000 residents. This equates to over 10% of Scotland’s entire population and continues to rise. With strong infrastructure and a multi-cultural environment, the city is able to attract employers and workers in many key industries. Glasgow is one of the most economically secure cities in the UK, with an economic output of approximately £17 billion. Read on to learn more about HGV driver jobs in Glasgow, including required qualifications, expected salary and carer prospects.

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HGV driver employers in Glasgow are likely to want you to deliver to various destinations either locally or nationally. You may also be expected to stay overnight or complete long-distance journeys to Europe. Naturally, this role will involve a lot of driving. However, you may also have the chance to fulfil other roles in a warehouse or depot. It is vital that you ensure goods are kept in the best condition prior to delivery. This includes loading and unloading goods in a safe, secure and efficient way. Other responsibilities for HGV driver jobs in Glasgow can include:

·        Organising delivery routes with colleagues

·        Completing paperwork with customers

·        Ensuring health & safety processes are followed

·        Training other members of the distribution team

There are some specific driving qualifications required for HGV driver jobs in Glasgow. However, you may not need to take additional tests depending on when you obtained your licence. If you passed before 1997, you will not need to undertake any other tests. On the other hand, you will have to undertake a C1 driving test if you acquired your driving licence after 1997. Regardless of when you passed your test, you will need a C level license to operate larger vehicles. Furthermore, you will need to complete 35 hours of training after every five years.

HGV driver jobs in Glasgow are more than simply operating a large vehicle. HGV driver employers in Glasgow are seeking candidates who are professional and have a passion for improving their surroundings and the reputation of their company. It will be beneficial if you have some key personality traits, including excellent spoken communication skills and a positive working attitude.

Your annual salary is likely to be in the region of £21,000 – £23,000. This is consistent with the average across the UK. You are likely to have opportunities to increase this figure through overtime offered by HGV driver employers in Glasgow. The warehousing and distribution sectors are very secure, meaning that the number of available roles should continue to increase. HGV driver jobs in Glasgow should also provide you with opportunities to move your way up within an organisation. Working as a HGV driver in Glasgow, you will be able to live and work in one of the most creative and vibrant cities in Europe.

The unsociable shift patterns for HGV driver jobs in Glasgow can put some people off. You may have to work early in the mornings or at weekends, and the long hours can be quite repetitive. Furthermore, you may also encounter traffic delays when working in a busy city. This can create issues when attempting to meet delivery deadlines. You will also have to work alone for long periods of your working day.

Glasgow is considered one of the most forward-thinking cities in Europe. The local logistics industry continues to grow, helping to create a growing number of HGV driver employers and jobs in and around Glasgow. Increasing salaries, opportunities for overtime and working outdoors are just some of the many other benefits to HGV driver jobs in Glasgow.

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