36 Registered General Nurse jobs in Glasgow

As of 2019, the unemployment rate for nursing is one of the lowest in the UK. An aging population and an emphasis on preventative healthcare means that – along with other healthcare practitioners, registered general nurses in Glasgow can look forward to an excellent job outlook. Salary expectations for registered general nurse jobs in Scotland can range from £21,000 – £36,000 per annum.

Depending on your specialism, registered general nurse jobs in Glasgow involve treating, offering advice and emotional support to patients and their families. In larger practices and hospitals, you may be one of several registered general nurses sharing duties and responsibilities – so teamwork is essential.

You can expect to regularly perform at least some of the following tasks if you want to work as a registered general nurse in Glasgow; obtain blood samples and ECGs, tend to minor and complex wounds, offer accurate health advice, administer vaccinations and child immunisations, discuss family planning, sexual health and women’s health, carry out smears and men’s health screenings and help patients manage long-term conditions. General nurses also have direct supervision of healthcare assistants, junior nurses and student nurses.

You must be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council NMC (renewed yearly) to apply for registered general nurse jobs in Glasgow. Once registered, your job will be to provide primary and specialty healthcare in a variety of nursing areas. Employers of registered general nurses, such as medical practices, hospitals, and care facilities, are looking for individuals who are prepared to demonstrate their clinical knowledge, as well as personal qualities, such as communication, problem solving and critical thinking.

Keeping on top of medical trends, nursing policies, procedures, guidelines and other healthcare publications will help you thrive in this role. In Scotland there are a number of nursing conference events, seminars and workshops available – such as Nursing In Practice and NHS Research Scotland (Glasgow-based) – that are available to registered general nurses for networking and sharing best practice in the industry.

People who work in nursing often stay within the profession because there’s really no career like it. One of the most rewarding parts of being a registered general nurse is being in a career that is challenging, interesting and helps patients through often difficult times.

Nursing gives you skills that are hugely valued and transferable to other roles in healthcare. There are opportunities to progress into senior roles such as an advanced clinical practitioner or nurse consultant, who both specialise in a chosen area of practice. There are also opportunities to work as an agency nurse, giving you the freedom choose your working hours at a variety of locations.

As a registered general nurse in Glasgow, you may find the role physically demanding and exhausting at times, as you will typically work 12-hour shifts on your feet. Some nurses and caregivers have reported working up to 15-hour shifts, which can take a mental and physical toll. Nurses with less job seniority may have to work late nights, weekends and holidays.

Even with health and safety precautions in place, registered general nurses can be exposed to germs and viruses, which means there is always a risk of catching something from a patient. However, facilities in Scotland have cleansing and testing procedures in place for handling such situations.

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