7.5 Ton Driver jobs in Kingston Upon Hull

As the demand for online shopping continues to increase, the transport, logistics, and distribution industries continue to grow to meet consumer needs. To support increasing demands, more 7.5 ton driver jobs in Kingston upon Hull are becoming available. As a former transportation hub for the north east’s famed wool industry, the Kingston upon Hull of today is home to around 260,000 people and still operates a successful port along with several distribution centres.  With a constant stream of goods requiring transportation from the city, working as a 7.5 ton driver in Kingston upon Hull will never be dull.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a 7.5 ton driver, including information on salaries, career prospects and 7.5 ton driver employers in Kingston upon Hull keep reading.


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The day-to-day activities of a 7.5 ton driver are varied, with deliveries giving you the chance to travel the country and meet new people. Working as a 7.5 ton driver in Kingston upon Hull requires a positive attitude and being able to work to deadlines, as you will be responsible for ensuring deliveries are made safely and within their expected timeframes.

7.5 Ton Driver employers in Kingston upon Hull include small and big retailers, including global distribution players like FedEx. Typical duties involved in 7.5 ton driver jobs in Kingston upon Hull include:

·        Loading and unloading goods onto your vehicle

·        Ensuring that goods are secure and safe for transit

·        Delivering goods to customers

·        Keeping track of mileage and fuel costs

7.5 ton driver jobs in Kingston upon Hull require drivers to be over the age of 18 and in possession of a full driving licence. You will also need to have undergone additional category C1 training and hold a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC).

If you do not have the additional qualifications required, it is not uncommon for 7.5 ton driver employers in Kingston upon Hull to sponsor licence acquisition and additional training requirements for existing employees. If you are not currently working in an industry that supports your 7.5 ton driver training, you can apply for a provisional HGV/LGV licence and enrol on a driver training course. After acquiring your category C1 licence you will be able to apply for your DCPC.

To succeed when working as a 7.5 ton driver in Kingston upon Hull you will need to be:

·        A strong communicator with excellent attention to detail

·        A hard worker who can work under pressure to meet delivery deadlines

·        A positive individual who enjoys working as part of a wider team

7.5 Ton Driver jobs in Kingston upon Hull offer plenty of future prospects for those interested in a rewarding career in the transport and logistics industry. As one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK, the future looks very bright when discussing progression opportunities for 7.5 ton drivers. There are multiple options to choose from as a 7.5 ton driver. If you wish to develop your skills as a driver and take on the challenge of driving larger vehicles, you can train to become a category C driver that will allow you to drive vehicles over 7.5 tons.

Further to this, you can gain an Advisory Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) Certificate which qualifies you to transport hazardous materials. You can also acquire an SIA licence to transport high-valued goods such as money. Some 7.5 ton drivers also go on to teach a new generation of drivers how to succeed by becoming driving instructors. Within the logistics industry you can also step into “bigger picture” roles such as transport planner and fleet manager. The average salary for a 7.5 ton driver in the UK is around £22,000, although this can increase for drivers who have undertaken additional qualifications.

7.5 Ton Driver jobs in Kingston upon Hull can be rewarding for those who enjoy being on the road and like to be kept busy throughout the day. However, like any job, there are pros and cons to the role. As a 7.5 ton driver you will likely be expected to work demanding hours, driving long distances with strict delivery and performance targets to meet. The environment is highly pressurised and every minute counts when out on deliveries. Though you will rarely be expected to perform deliveries that require overnight stays, the working hours can still be unsociable and long. With customers increasingly able to choose times that suit them best for delivery, you may be expected to work any time between 5AM and 11PM. There will also be an element of heavy lifting involved as you will be responsible for loading and unloading your vehicle and taking deliveries to the customer’s door.

However, being a 7.5 ton driver appeals to many due to the freedom it offers. Driving around and meeting new people can be perfect for those who enjoy being sociable whilst also having time to recharge themselves in between interactions. Additional training is typically available to those who desire it and there are plenty of opportunities for progression to pursue within this industry. Being based out of Kingston upon Hull is also great as the city has the feeling of a larger city whilst still being relatively small. With all of the typical attractions of a major city such as shopping centres, a lively night life scene, museums, and theatres, Kingston upon Hull feels much larger than it is.

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