Aat Accountant jobs in Leeds

If you are looking to progress in accountancy or finance, then AAT accountant jobs in Leeds could be the ideal career move. AAT is the largest finance governing body in the country, with over 4,000 licensed accountants in the UK. Over 80% of the nation’s FTSE 100 organisations have an AAT apprentice on their payroll.

Leeds has a population of over 500,000 people and an economy worth over £65 billion. The local workforce covers over 1.3 million people, with multiple industries thriving. There has been an increase in AAT job opportunities in Leeds, with more and more finance professionals viewing the city as an excellent option.

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Trainee AAT accountant jobs can vary depending on the size of the organisation. You should be able to find roles in various sectors, alongside positions within specialist accountancy companies. It is important to build strong working relationships in this job. This is because you will be working with multiple people on a regular basis.

AAT accountant jobs in Leeds usually require successful applicants to be knowledgeable on tax matters. Furthermore, you will be expected to help with payroll, whilst also completing internal audits. Some other general tasks include:

  • Updating company financial systems
  • Providing invoices for clients
  • Representing the finance department in company meetings
  • Providing financial insight to other stakeholders

It should be possible to start a finance role whilst completing AAT accounting qualifications. This is available to any aspiring finance professional in the country, and takes around three years to complete. This should give you a great chance to earn money whilst studying for an invaluable qualification.

A finance degree can also provide a great route into the industry. You should then be able to complete a variety of industry-specific courses to enhance your knowledge. Some key skills required for AAT accountant jobs in Leeds can include:

  • Excellent commercial understanding
  • Understanding of different IT programs
  • Ability to prioritise a heavy workload
  • Exceptional attention to detail

Once you have developed a high level of AAT accountant skills, you should have the necessary tools to form a successful career. Obtaining this qualification should mean that your future prospects are varied. A combination of the rise in AAT accountant jobs in Leeds and the excellent access to other major cities, means that you should have a lot of future opportunities.

This role usually pays in the region of £25,000 – £28,000 as an initial annual salary. However, once you are a fully trained AAT accountant, jobs should carry a higher salary. In addition, managing staff should also increase your earning potential. The job is also an incredibly secure one, with finance continuing to be one of the most profitable UK sectors.

AAT accountant jobs in Leeds can provide you with a lot of positives. Achieving this qualification can set you apart from other applicants, and it can also help you to progress at a quicker rate. Salaries are high once you have established yourself, and you should also be given some seniority in this role. Furthermore, you will be operating in a city which is one of the most popular in the UK.

You can expect to be given some strict deadlines in this position. The fast-paced nature of the job can result in some stress and pressure. It is important to maintain a high level of accuracy and efficiency. This is because delays or mistakes can have consequences for a company, such as a potential loss of revenue.

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