36 Cleaner jobs in Leeds

Whether in the home or in the workplace, cleanliness is essential for our physical and mental wellbeing. Working as a cleaner in Leeds can be incredibly satisfying and offers pay rates of around £13 per hour for experienced candidates. Cleaner jobs in Leeds are widely varied and include residential cleaning and cleaning of offices and workplaces. Although some industrial cleaning jobs require experience and qualifications, many do not. Working as a cleaner in Leeds affords a large degree of flexibility to those with existing commitments.

Through specialist and general recruitment agencies, cleaner employers in Leeds always have a huge number of cleaner jobs in Leeds on offer including full-time, part-time and temporary contracts.  Although rates and benefits vary, an experienced cleaner with good references can expect to earn up to £13 an hour. Leeds is the perfect base for the cleaner as it has a great transport network and offers extremely cheap accommodation as well as lots to do and see in and around the city.

Cleaner jobs in Leeds vary widely in terms of duties. Working as a residential cleaner, tasks will include dusting and polishing of furniture, vacuuming, mopping and other general cleaning. Office cleaner duties are similar and will typically involve the cleaning of employee desks, vacuuming of carpets or mopping of floors, emptying of waste-paper bins and cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms. Some office cleaner employers in Leeds may also ask cleaners to clean and sanitise equipment such as telephones.

Cleaner jobs in Leeds do not generally require formal academic qualifications, with the exception of specialist industrial cleaning. However, cleaner employers in Leeds will usually insist on prior experience and at least one reference – particularly with residential cleaning jobs in Leeds.

All cleaner jobs in Leeds need candidates to show evidence of the right to work in the UK, the ability to read English to a good standard and sometimes a good working knowledge of measurements due to the use of specialist chemical cleaners. In some cases, a commercial cleaning license will be required. Cleaners need to be flexible and should be comfortable using their initiative whether working alone or as part of a team.

The main benefit of working as a cleaner in Leeds is the level of flexibility involved. Particularly with residential cleaning, employees are often able to set their own hours to fit around their other commitments. Additionally, cleaner jobs in Leeds pay well above the national average and sometimes include bonuses, free work clothing and discounts.

Sometimes within office or industrial cleaning, cleaner employers in Leeds will require work to be completed before and after normal office hours in order to avoid disruption to staff so, some unsociable hours may be required. Depending on the circumstances, residential cleaning jobs in Leeds can occasionally be unpleasant – with the odd nasty surprise.  Transport is not usually be provided with cleaning jobs and so cleaners will either need their own car or have easy access to reliable public transport. Cleaners may also be required to bring their own cleaning materials.

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