536 Developer jobs in Leeds

Working as a developer in Leeds can be an extremely profitable career if you have a high level of development skills. Developer jobs in Leeds are particularly popular as businesses place a greater emphasis on ensuring they are using the best software. This role should give you the opportunity to combine your front-end skills with more technical duties such as integrating customer journeys.

Leeds is home to over 500,000 people, with around 1.3 million people working in the city and its surrounding areas. Some of the largest developer employers in Leeds include household names such as Jet2 or BT. The city has over 32,000 trading organisations, half of which are considered to be small or medium-sized businesses. The local economy is also in a very stable position, with a GDP of over £65 billion. Leeds is also proud of its status as being the most diverse employment area of the UK.

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Working as a developer in Leeds can present you with an extremely varied position. Naturally, creating code is a big part of the role, and you will also be testing and reviewing new modules. Depending on the size of an organisation, developer jobs in Leeds may require both front-end and back-end expertise. This role requires successful applicants to implement thorough checking procedures. This is because mistakes can impact both efficiency and a company’s revenue stream. As well as ensuring that all systems integrate successfully, other tasks could include:

  • Enhancing different technical specifications
  • Making updates to existing technology
  • Working alongside other departments to achieve targets
  • Meeting sales targets and deadlines

It is possible that some developer employers in Leeds might be looking for candidates to have some specific qualifications. A degree might be needed in subjects as computer science or software engineering. However, other routes into this position are also possible. This might include gaining some other professional qualifications or industry-specific diplomas. It can also be possible to move from an IT department in the same organisation. Previous experience is important, especially when it comes to using programming languages like C++. You should possess the following skills when applying for developer jobs in Leeds:

  • Able to solve technical problems
  • An excellent team player
  • Good verbal communication skills
  • The ability to work at speed

Developer jobs in Leeds can provide you with some great career prospects. Many industries are seeking professional developers with advanced computer software skills. Working as a developer in Leeds, you will be operating in a very competitive area. The city is home to a high percentage of financial and business services organisations. Many of these companies need technical expertise, and this makes this industry quite secure.

Developer employers in Leeds may give you more responsibility once you have established yourself in this position. This can mean more senior development tasks or even promotion to a senior development position. You could start on a salary of around £30,000, which is good for an entry-level role in Leeds. Yet the earning potential is much higher with more seniority, and you could have the chance to earn over £50,000 a year.

Developer jobs in Leeds can come with some pressure, as you are expected to be an expert in your area. Developer employers in Leeds may also expect quick turnarounds on projects, which can add to this pressure. Internal departments may not understand what is involved to make software updates, which can be a source of frustration to developers. Therefore, the ability to build strong relationships and to articulate ideas is important.

Working as a developer in Leeds can be incredibly satisfying and rewarding. If your work can contribute positively towards the financial side of a company, this can be a great feeling. You should have multiple opportunities to make a real difference, plus it is unlikely that many people in the organisation will be able to do what you can do. Furthermore, the salary for this position is also higher than the average wage for other jobs in Leeds.

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