Factory Cleaner jobs in Leeds

Unlike office cleaning and residential cleaning, working as a factory cleaner in Leeds requires a high level of specialist experience and some qualifications. There are a number of factories within Leeds, including Arla Foods and the Leeds Brewery. Therefore, there’s never any shortage of factory cleaner jobs in Leeds, with average pay standing at around £10.50 per hour.

This Yorkshire city is literally spoilt for choice when it comes to factory cleaner employers in Leeds. Floorbrite and Smart Solutions Recruitment are just a couple of the specialist factory cleaner employers in the area, with agencies in the region constantly advertising new factory cleaner jobs in Leeds through their websites and high street stores.

In a busy factory, a clean and tidy environment is essential in order to prevent accidents.  Working as a factory cleaner in Leeds involves a large number of daily duties which will include sweeping of floors, the safe disposal of waste, cleaning of surfaces and mopping of floors.  Some factory cleaner jobs will require specialist cleaning of sensitive equipment or machinery.  Factory cleaner employers in Leeds often need employees with specialist experience when it comes to the cleaning of equipment and machinery.

Factory cleaner jobs in Leeds do not usually require formal academic qualifications, with the exception of specialist cleaning of equipment. Factory cleaner employers in Leeds will usually insist on having prior experience of working as a factory cleaner in Leeds. All factory cleaner jobs in Leeds require candidates to show evidence of the right to work in the U.K. as is required by law.

Other requirements include the ability to read English to a good standard, as well as a good working knowledge of measurements due to the use of specialist chemical cleaners. With some factory cleaner jobs in Leeds, a commercial cleaning license will be required. Cleaners need to be flexible and should be comfortable using their initiative whether working alone or as part of a team.

Working as a factory cleaner in Leeds is an important role, and one which pays relatively well.  Unlike other forms of cleaning, full-time factory cleaner jobs in Leeds are widely available.   Factory cleaner employers in Leeds are often able to offer flexible hours to the right candidate.

In the case of specialist cleaning, factory cleaner employers in Leeds will sometimes require specialist qualifications or experience. Additionally, some factory cleaner employers in Leeds will require work to be completed before and after normal working hours in order to avoid disruption to staff. Full-time factory cleaning jobs can often be physically demanding and, so, a level of fitness will be required.

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