12 Product Marketing Manager jobs in Leeds

If you can create and manage engaging campaigns, then product marketing manager jobs in Leeds could be suitable for you. Promoting the benefits of products to specific target audiences is a key requirement. Marketing planning and budget management are also common factors of product management jobs in Leeds.

Suitable organisations can be found within the private and public sectors, which can include some established retailers. Roles are available throughout multiple industries, and Leeds has a large number of organisations who are producing high revenue figures. The city also has a thriving economy and a growing workforce which is now over 1.3 million people. Keep reading for more information on how to become a product marketing manager.

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What does a product marketing manager do? The answer to the question is that the role usually requires an all-rounder who has experience of using the full marketing mix. Understanding how to tailor messages within different channels is a major part of any product marketing job description.

Holding regular meetings with partners and other stakeholders is also commonplace. In addition, you will need to develop strong relationships with other teams such as IT, design and customer service. Some other general duties when undertaking product marketing manager jobs in Leeds may include:

  • Producing media releases
  • Conducting SEO research
  • Maximising reach on social media
  • Using analytics and data reports

It is possible that a university degree will be needed to secure product marketing manager jobs in Leeds. The degree could be within subjects such as business studies, sales or marketing. Furthermore, if you have qualifications that are recognised by the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management, then this could be invaluable for your application.

To be successful within product marketing manager jobs in Leeds, you will need to have a variety of different skills. A broad marketing understanding is needed, along with an understanding in areas such as email marketing, PPC and SEO. Other attributes include the following:

  • Ability to organise different departments
  • Motivation and a desire to succeed
  • Strong copywriter
  • Budget management skills

This role is part of many different commercial and marketing operations of a business. Furthermore, the prospects are varied because of the various sectors looking for suitable candidates. If you can prove yourself in this industry, you may have further chances to progress into a head of marketing or director position.

Your product marketing manager salary in Leeds is likely to be in the region of £30,000 – £35,000. Certain industries may carry slightly higher salaries, especially if the product or products are particularly successful. Leeds is also an area which has a large amount of specific marketing agencies, so there could be lots of chances to secure employment.

This role should allow you to acquire and develop a lot of useful marketing skills. These skills could help you to establish a long career in this sector. With more companies looking to expand their marketing team, the position also has an element of security. Other perks include flexible hours, benefits packages and a varied working day.

Product marketing roles can be quite challenging and you may have to adhere to some tight deadlines and ambitious targets. The job can be stressful at times as various stages of marketing campaigns will be monitored by others. This means that there could be some pressure on you, especially if revenue levels are not as high as expected.

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