Ward Host jobs in Leeds

If you are looking for ward host jobs in Leeds, there are often many options open for you. Calderdale and Huddersfield Solutions are always seeking ward hosts, while AGH Solutions are also looking to employ several ward hosts. There are three main hospitals in Leeds, and they are also often looking to employ new ward hosts. Being a ward host involves helping others and is the perfect role for compassionate people. Ward host jobs are available in hospitals across the country, with varying specific roles.  

Working as a ward host in Leeds will involve taking on many different roles, including providing patients with food and drinks and making sure they are comfortable. You will also be expected to be on your feet most of the time, as well as pushing trolleys and setting up wards for patients, including some manual lifting. Compliance with employer policies will be essential, and you will need to be able to follow procedures and protocols outlined by your employer. Filling out various documents during your shifts will also be common, so you will need to be able to handle information and keep records. Working hours can vary, but you will likely be expected to work shifts, including weekends and nights. 

In general, ward host employers in Leeds are looking for you to have a DBS qualification that is no more than 12 months old. There are also various requirements related to vaccines and immunisations that you will need to have had.. Previous experience of working with people is often desired, but not always necessarily, as is any previous health sector experience. Being able to show that you are an organised person will also help, as you will spend a lot of time setting up ward areas for patients. Finally, experience in the food and drinks industry can also be of use  for some ward host jobs. 

Working as a ward host in Leeds comes with many benefits, and can be the perfect job for those who enjoy helping others. Daily duties can be varied, with the people you work with all being committed to helping patients. Although you will be in a busy environment, you will spend your time interacting with others and will rarely be by yourself. Salaries for ward host jobs can vary, often ranging between £8  £12 per hour. Working in healthcare can be extremely rewarding on a personal level, knowing you are making a real difference to a person’s life, often on a daily basis 

If you are not a fan of working shifts and prefer a 9-5 job, working as a ward host in Leeds might not be the best job for you. Although not always stressful, you will spend a lot of time on your feet and will be busy most of the time you are working. Ward host jobs can sometimes require extensive commuting too. Although the pay varies, it is comparably low for the healthcare industry. You will also be required to work fairly long hours. 

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